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Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Ten - 2020

Well this is (probably) it. Week ten of the football season and round four of the playoffs. I never would’ve thought we would make it this far. That’s still kind of crazy to me. Enjoy high school football while you can because you never know when it can be taken from you. Leipsic had that pain this past Friday night, and my heart goes out to them. 


Now let’s get into this weekend’s games


Last week I went 7-4. For the year I am 69-26. Nice.

Week Ten Games: 


Friday Playoff Game’s 


West Holmes vs Columbian - West Holmes is 7-2 with one of those losses coming to a team that is also still in the playoffs. Columbian’s lone loss also came to a team still in the postseason. Columbian fell behind last week, but I don’t think they do that two weeks in a row. I think they prevail to have a possible rematch next week against Holy Name for a Regional Title.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Arlington - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Hopewell-Loudon vs Arlington. Hear all the action on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Friday Non-Playoff Game’s


McComb vs Fostoria - I wouldn’t have been able to predict quite the drop off for both of these teams compared to last season. McComb has done some good things since their struggles early on this season. I’ll take McComb keeping Fostoria winless.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Ayersville - Ayersville looks improved from the team I saw last season. PG is still pretty good though so I will go with the Rockets.


Allen East vs Leipsic - A lot of uncertainty for the Vikings after last week's Covid related forfeit knocked them out of the playoffs. Assuming they have all or almost all of their key pieces I think they win this game. 


Bluffton vs Cory-Rawson - A traditional rivalry game that is typically played one of the first two weeks of the season. Time won’t be kind though this time around to Cory-Rawson as I think Bluffton will roll in this one. 


Lakota vs Van Buren - Two teams I was off on last week. I had Lakota losing to McComb and Van Buren losing to Patrick Henry. I literally flipped a coin for this one. I’ll take Van Buren. Tails never fails, right?


Liberty-Benton vs Wynford - Liberty-Benton certainly didn’t wake up Saturday morning last week thinking they would be playing a regular season game the following week. I think they do what they didn’t do last week and come out with a vengeance and take down Wynford.


Vanlue vs Crestline - Crestline has not won a game all season. Vanlue has won a game this season. I can’t argue with those numbers. Give me the Wildcats.


Carey vs Tinora - Two teams that could’ve matched up in a postseason contest if they each had been able to win last week. I’ll take Carey in a close one. 


Enjoy the fourth round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Nine - 2020

Another week of playoff football! No time to waste so let’s get into the games!


Last week I went 7-4. For the year I am 62-22. 

Week Nine Games: 


Friday Playoff Game’s 


Mohawk vs Lima Central Catholic - Mohawk is peaking at the correct time. Meanwhile LCC hasn’t played in forever. At least not since their win over Arlington on 10/2. I might not be picking this one with my head, but I have Mohawk finding a way to win this one.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Lima Perry - Both teams are undefeated and haven’t struggled a whole lot. Hopewell definitely impressed me in those wins over Calvert and Patrick Henry. I have the Chieftains getting it done tonight.


Revere vs Columbian - Columbian will be challenged a little bit for the first time this postseason, but I have them prevailing vs Revere.


Friday Non-Playoff Game’s


North Baltimore vs Fremont St. Joe’s - I think this should be a very close game between two teams that have struggled this season. I’ll go with the Tigers over the Crimson Streaks.


Cory-Rawson vs Hardin Northern - I have the Polar Bears rolling over the Hornets in this one.


McComb vs Lakota - Lakota rolled last week against Riverdale while McComb narrowly lost last week to Spencerville to end their postseason. I think McComb gets it done.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Delphos St. John’s - I was a little surprised Mohawk was able to handle PG the way they did. I think the Rockets will roll in this contest.


Van Buren vs Patrick Henry - Patrick Henry is clearly not the team of old from last season. Both teams want to run the crap out of the ball. I don’t like doing this, but I’m going to take Patrick Henry in this game.


Vanlue vs Springfield Central Catholic - Both teams are 1-7 and have had some rough stretches. I know they burned me last week, but I think Vanlue finds a way to pull this game out.


Fostoria vs Rossford - The time off won’t help Fostoria at all. I think Rossford blows them out.


Saturday Game’s


Carey vs Archbold - Carey is looking to replicate last season’s postseason run by looking to take down the top seed in their region. Archbold though historically hasn’t struggled in the postseason. As much as it pains me to say I think the road ends for the Blue Devils on Saturday night.


Northwood vs Fairview - Two high powered offenses with the defences to back them up. I don’t like picking against Northwood, but this Fairview team is really good and honestly might be my pick to win the whole region. Sadly taking the Apaches.


Leipsic vs Arlington and North Union vs Liberty-Benon - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Leipsic vs Arlington and Saturday join Shayne Nissen and I around 6:50 for LB hosting North Union. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the third round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Eight - 2020

More high school playoff football is on the way this weekend. As nice as it was for some of those teams that aren’t frequent playoff teams now we start to see who is legit. 


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 6-4. For the year I am 55-18. 

Week Eight Games (second round of the postseason unless noted below): 


Friday Game’s 


McComb vs Spencerville - McComb is starting to come together at just the right time. I think they pull off the win on the road against Spencerville.


Antwerp vs Leipsic - Antwerp’s only win of the season was last week. I’ll take Leipsic in this one.


Mohawk vs Pandora-Gilboa - Man this should be a really good game. I’ll take PG but I don’t feel great about it. 


Vanlue vs Fremont St. Joe’s (not a playoff game) - Vanlue will get their second big win of the season over a struggling Fremont St. Joe’s squad.


Ridgemont vs Cory-Rawson (not a playoff game) - Ridgemont is just 2-5 but with how thin Cory-Rawson is I gotta take the Golden Gophers in this contest.


Riverdale vs Lakota (not a playoff game) - Both teams had aspirations to do something in the postseason, and fell to Bluffton and Elmwood respectfully. I’ll take Lakota in a close one.


Arcadia vs Waynesfield-Goshen (not a playoff game) - Neither team looked great in the postseason. Arcadia played a better team though so I have Arcadia winning.


Patrick Henry vs Hopewell-Loudon - These two programs have some solid history of doing well in the postseason. Patrick Henry’s though is more recent making the state semi’s last year. Hopewell looks really good though so I think the Chieftains take this one.


Norton vs Columbian - Columbian rolls to start their postseason run.


Saturday Game’s


Convoy Crestview vs Calvert - Crestview dominated North Baltimore last week, but I think Calvert makes the most of their bye week and takes down the Knights.


Elmwood vs Liberty-Benton - Elmwood would need to play their best game of the season to even have a shot. I don’t think they will. Gotta take the Eagles in this one.


Ashland Crestview vs Carey - Both teams are pretty good. Each has just one loss. Carey though has absolutely rolled at home and I don’t think that will change. I’ll take the Blue Devils.


Edon vs Arlington and Van Buren vs Northwood - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Edon vs Arlignton and on Saturday join Matt and I around 6:40 for Van Buren vs Northwood. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the second round of the playoffs everyone!


Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Seven - 2020

The playoffs are here! Playoffs? Yes, Jim, playoffs. 


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 12-1. For the year I am 49-14. 

Week Seven Games (first round of the postseason unless noted below): 


Friday Game’s 


Upper Scioto Valley vs McComb - McComb is clearly not the McComb most people are used to. They figured some good things out last week against Leipsic in the second half. I’ll go with the Panthers.


North Baltimore vs Crestview - Crestview isn’t the Crestview of old either. I still see them finding a way against North Baltimore.


Vanlue vs Patrick Henry - As much as I would love Vanlue to pull off the upset I just don’t see it happening. Sadly taking the Patriots.


Spencerville vs Leipsic - Leipsic looked pretty good for most of last week’s game against McComb. Spencerville though is a pretty good team. I’ll go with the Bearcats in this one. (not a playoff game)


Minster vs Pandora-Gilboa - After an automatic advance over Cory-Rawson due to injury and depth concerns the Rockets were able to snatch up a game against an always tough Minster squad. This year though Minster is not an amazing team as we’ve seen pretty recently from state title wins and appearances. I’ll take the Rockets. (not a playoff game)


Ridgedale vs Mohawk - Mohawk rolls to open up the postseason.


Findlay vs Springboro - Findlay was able to pick up where they left off last week, and I have them doing the same tonight. Gotta take the Trojans. 


Hardin Northern vs Delphos St. John’s - Neither team has looked all that great this season. I’ll take the Polar Bears though.


Saturday Game’s


Bluffton vs Riverdale - Riverdale has had some really good moments this season. I think they have some on Saturday as well with a win over Bluffton.


Montpellier vs Carey - Carey should have little trouble winning this one. 


Fostoria vs North Union - Things don’t get any easier for Fostoria. I think they lose big.


Edon vs Arcadia and Paulding vs Van Buren - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Tom Grine and I live around 6:50 tonight for Edon vs Arcadia and Saturday join Chase Bachman and I around 6:40. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the first round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Six - 2020

Week six has arrived!


This is definitely the weirdest week six of all-time. Simply because we already know the playoff matchups. The season was shortened to a six game regular season this year because of the pandemic. But we can’t get there until we get through this week, right?


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 10-3. For the year I am 37-13. 

Week Six Games:


Pandora-Gilboa vs Liberty-Benton - Pandora-Gilboa could put up some points, but this Liberty-Benton team is just too good. Give me LB.


Cory-Rawson vs Riverdale - Riverdale had a bad loss last week against Arcadia. I think they take out their frustrations on Cory-Rawson.


Arlington vs Lima Central Catholic - A battle between two of the top teams in their region. They have one major similarity. They each lost to Liberty-Benton. I think Arlington wins this one. 


North Baltimore vs Arcadia - Arcadia is looking like they will finish above .500 and host at least one playoff game, how about that?! I’ll take Arcadia in this one. 


Van Buren vs Vanlue - Vanlue got a giant win over Cory-Rawson last week. This week won’t be as kind to them. Give me the Black Knights.


Fostoria vs Otsego - It doesn’t get any easier for Fostoria tonight when they take on 5-0 Otsego. Going with the Knights.


Lima Senior vs Findlay - The Findlay Trojans finally get to get back on the field after being sidelined for two weeks. I think the Trojans pick up where they left off.


Norwalk vs Columbian - Always a big SBC matchup when these teams collide. I think Columbian gets it done. 


Hopewell-Loudon vs Calvert - Two unbeaten teams come in and only one can come out. I think Hopewell-Loudon pulls this one out.


Mohawk vs Buckeye Central - Mohawk wins big in this one over 1-4 Buckeye Central.


Carey vs Wynford - Two 4-1 teams in the NTAC for this game. Both having lost to Colonel Crawford. I will take Carey in this one. Why may you ask? They haven’t given up points in a month.


Riverside vs Hardin Northern - I don’t see the Polar Bears taking down 4-1 Riverside.


Northwood vs Cardinal Stritch - The Big Apple Deli Trophy isn’t going anywhere. Give me the Rangers.


McComb vs Leipsic - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week six everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Five - 2020

Week five has arrived!


We have updated regions. Soon enough we’ll have playoff games; it’s starting to feel real!


No need for much of a preamble this time. Let’s get into the picks!


Last week I went 8-4. For the year I am 27-10. 

Week Five Games:


Cory-Rawson vs Vanlue - Someone has to win this game between two 0-4 teams. I’ll take Cory-Rawson in this one. 


McComb vs Pandora-Gilboa - Both teams have struggled a bit more than you’d expect. Both teams have lost their last two games. Because McComb is really banged up I will take Pandora-Gilboa.


Riverdale vs Arcadia - Came down to the wire last season. I don’t expect that part to be different. I do though see Riverdale coming out on top this time around. 


North Baltimore vs Van Buren - Despite Van Buren not playing all that well last week I think they figure things out tonight. I’ll go with the Black Knights.


Leipsic vs Lima Central Catholic - Leipsic surprised me with how they were able to beat Pandora-Gilboa in week three. I don’t see them surprising me with a win over LCC though.


Fostoria vs Genoa - Fostoria’s most likely win of the season passed them when they lost to Woodmore last week. I just don’t see a winnable game for them at this point in the season.


Columbian vs Perkins - Perkins is a program rebuilding under a new head coach in Jalen Santoro. Columbian rolls in this one. 


Calvert vs Margaretta - Margaretta is 0-4 and that won’t change this week. Give me the Senecas.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Lakota - Both teams have looked really good this season. Hopewell-Loudon is undefeated and Lakota is 3-1 with a three point loss to Calvert. I’ll take Hopewell-Loudon in a close one.


Bucyrus vs Mohawk - Bucyrus has scored 16 points all season and recently opted out of the playoffs. Mohawk will dominate.


Seneca East vs Carey - Seneca East hasn’t been the same team this season. I’ll go with the Blue Devils in this one.


Hardin Northern vs Perry - Hardin Northern is on a roll after losing to open the season. Perry though is 4-0. My instinct tells me to go with Perry, but I’ll reverse-jinx it and take Hardin Northern.


Northwood vs Edon - Not much of a challenge in the TAAC this season. The Rangers will roll in this one, but it’ll be their toughest league game of the season. Edon’s one loss is to a pretty good Lakota squad.


Liberty-Benton vs Arlington - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week five everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Four - 2020

Week four is here!


In terms of football things are starting to get more ‘normal’. High school football is almost a month into games, college football is back (more or less), and the NFL is back. The Browns disappointing me has returned as well. Although they did beat the Bengals last night so that was enjoyable. 


The Big Ten (finally) got it right! I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just postponed the season for a few weeks instead of to the spring, but that’s a whole different story.


How in the hell are we more than halfway through the regular season? I mean I know some of these teams will keep playing after they are eliminated, but I just don’t have a clue how all of this will work..


Anyway let’s get into this week of picks!


I was going to let Matt Cotman pick the slate of games as well, but I guess instead he will keep using his Twitter fingers to blast me… 


Last week I went 10-2. For the year I am 19-6. 

Week Four Picks:


Leipsic vs Arlington - After what Arlington did to Leipsic I can’t pick against the Red Devils this week. Although Leipsic surprised me with a win over Pandora-Gilboa last weekend


Van Buren vs Riverdale - Van Buren has started to click over the last few weeks. I think they take care of business against Riverdale.


Vanlue vs North Baltimore - Vanlue has 20 points this season. North Baltimore has 30 points this season. Vanlue got blown out by Riverdale, and North Baltimore almost beat Riverdale. I’ll take the Tigers in this one.


Arcadia vs Cory-Rawson - Cory-Rawson has some nice pieces on their team, but Arcadia has just a little more depth. I’ll go with Arcadia for the second straight week; how about that?!


Woodmore vs Fostoria - If Fostoria is gonna win a game this year then it has to be here. I’ll take Fostoria even though I don’t feel great about it. 



Columbian vs Bellevue - A great matchup of two teams that have started 3-0. Both have beaten good teams already. I’ll take Columbian tonight.


Calvert vs Lakota - A surprising matchup of two more teams that have started 3-0. Both teams beat Fremont St. Joe’s pretty good, but Calvert’s overtime win last week over Gibsonburg gives me more hope in the Senecas than the Raiders in this one.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Fremont St. Joe’s - Fremont St. Joe’s has been shut out twice and couldn’t beat Cardinal Stritch. Hopewell-Loudon is 2-0. I’ll take the Chieftains in a big win on Saturday night.


Upper Sandusky vs Carey - Taking Carey in a big win over Upper Sandusky.


Mohawk vs Colonel Crawford - Colonel Crawford comes in at 3-0 vs Mohawk’s 2-1, but give me the Warriors over the Eagles.


Lehman Catholic vs Hardin Northern - They both come in at 2-1. I’ll take the Polar Bears on a whim. Again.


Northwood vs Hilltop - Rangers. Huuuuge.


Liberty-Benton vs McComb - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week four everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Three - 2020

Week three is coming up, and it seems to come even quicker following a holiday weekend. 


We’re starting to know which teams are good and which teams aren’t so good. Nonetheless let’s get started with a new week of picks. No time for fluff.


Last week I went 8-5. For the year I am 19-6.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Leipsic - After what I saw from Leipsic last week; I have to take the Rockets over the Vikings. 


McComb vs Arlington - Both teams have looked really good to start the season. Plus they’re both 2-0. Arlington jumped ahead last season before McComb came back to win. I may come to regret it, but I’m taking Arlington over McComb this week. I still see a really close game.


Riverdale vs North Baltimore - Both teams have first year head coaches. Both teams are 1-1. I think there will be a lot of offense in this one. I’ll take the Falcons over the Tigers.


Arcadia vs Vanlue - Well someone has to win this one, right? Both teams come in at 0-2. Arcadia has put up more of a fight in their games so I’ll go with Arcadia tonight.


Findlay vs St. John’s - Don’t let St. John’s coming in at 1-1 fool you. They lost a shootout with Central Catholic last week. We’ll know if the Trojans are for real after this week, but I just don’t see them scoring enough points to beat St. John’s. Give me the Titans.


Columbian vs Clyde - Big SBC match up in this one. Columbian is 2-0 as are the defending state champs. Columbian won this game in a shootout last year. I just have a feeling Clyde wins this one.


Calvert vs Gibsonburg - Calvert is rolling to start the year. Gibsonburg doesn’t look to be the same team as last season since a lot of those guys graduated. Give me the Senecas.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Margaretta - Hopewell-Loudon finally got on the field on Monday, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I’ll take the Chieftains over the Polar Bears.


Mohawk vs Seneca East - A game that has been a very important game of the last few seasons. Seneca East hasn’t had any trouble in their first two games. While Mohawk shutout Upper Sandusky in week one, but fell to Carey last week. I have a feeling though the Warriors win this one.


Bucyrus vs Carey - Carey is 1-1 with a good win over Mohawk last weekend. Bucyrus has scored 7 points in two weeks. I’ll go with the Blue Devils.


Northwood vs Montpelier - Northwood is 2-0, and Montpelier is 0-1 after not being able to start their season against Hopewell-Loudon. They also lost to Cardinal Stritch. Give me the Rangers. Big.


Hardin Northern vs Ridgemont - Taking Hardin Northern on a whim. Neither team looks very stout this season.


Van Buren vs Cory-Rawson - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week three everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Two - 2020

Week two is quickly approaching! As much as I didn’t think week one would ever come I am much more confident we have a ‘full’ high school football season. 


As long as teams/coaches and fans keep being safe along with the media, pressbox folks and other workers can as well I have high hopes for the season. Damn you Panic At The Disco.


Last week I went 11-3. 


Here are my predictions for week two:


Arlington vs Pandora-Gilboa - Battle of two teams who dominated in week one. Shot in the dark but I’ll go PG.


Troy Christian vs McComb - Both teams won their week one game. McComb is still McComb though so I will go with them.


Arcadia vs Van Buren - Both teams lost their first game. They both played pretty good teams though as well. I’ll take Van Buren in this one.


North Baltimore vs Cory-Rawson - Neither team put points on the board in week one. Although North Baltimore at least was able to put some drives together. I’ll take the Tigers.


Vanlue vs Riverdale - Both teams lost to start the season. I just don’t see a way Vanlue wins this one so I have to take Riverdale.


Carey vs Mohawk - Mohawk looked impressive against Upper Sandusky. While Carey only put up 7 on Colonel Crawford. I think it should still be a close game, but I’m going with the Warriors over the Blue Devils.


Fostoria vs Lake - Another matchup where neither team looked good to start the year. I think Dom Settles finds a way to win this one for the Redmen. 


Findlay vs Fremont Ross - Rivarly week comes early this year for the Trojans with the change in the schedule. Both teams won in week one, but Whitmer is a tougher opponent than Clay. Taking the Trojans to move to 2-0.


Sandusky vs Columbian - This game has been a very interesting one over the last few years. I see Columbian winning by 10+ in this one.


Calvert vs Fremont St. Joe’s - Calvert rolls on after a beatdown of Hilltop and does something similar to Fremont St. Joe’s.


Gibsonburg vs Hopewell-Loudon - Well Hopewell-Loudon will get their week two game in. Maybe a little later than they hoped, but still. Although they didn’t pick a great game to come back to because the Golden Bears are gonna want a big win after losing to Northwood. Gotta go with the Golden Bears.  (Game will be played on Labor Day)


Northwood vs Ottawa Hills - Ottawa Hills surprised people (well at least me) with a win over Margaretta to start their season. I don’t think Northwood will have much trouble though with the Green Bears. 


Hardin Northern vs Ridgedale - Both teams lost big in week one. I’ll take the Polar Bears again though...


Leipsic vs Liberty-Benton - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight! It will be the first ever high school football broadcast on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week two everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week One - 2020

Did you think we’d get here?


Neither did I.


High School Football makes its glorious return tonight! Things are going to look and feel a whole lot different than normal. That kind of goes without saying.


Nonetheless, let’s not dwell even more on how messed up things are in this country right now. 


If you wanted picks for High School Football then you’ve come to the right place!


If not, well, I don’t know what to tell you..


How did I do last year? Good question. I actually don’t remember the answer..


Last season I went 113-30 during the regular season and the opening round of the postseason. This season won’t have that many games in all likelihood, but let’s see if this season can survive throughout the fall!


Here are my predictions for week one:


Arcadia vs Liberty-Benton - Liberty-Benton lost a lot of really good players, but they brought back a pretty good amount as well. Taking the Eagles.


Riverdale vs Leipsic - Leipsic made it all the way to the Regional Finals a season ago. They still have some of those pieces from that team. Plus Riverdale is breaking in a new head coach for the third time in as many years. Vikings over the Falcons.


Lima Central Catholic vs Van Buren - Van Buren was struck by the injury bug and then some last season leading to a 2-8 finish. LCC lost in the first round of the playoffs to a really good Fairview team. Gotta take LCC.


Vanlue vs McComb - McComb is breaking in a new QB and a good amount of skill guys are new to starting this season. Vanlue has just 14 players on their team. The Wildcats could have some moments this year, but those won’t happen against McComb. Taking the Panthers. 


Pandora-Gilboa vs Cory-Rawson - PG still has a very good passing offense and probably the best receiver in the BVC in Bryce Basinger. Taking the Rockets over the Hornets.


Upper Sandusky vs Mohawk - Mohawk brings back most of their starters from a young team that found a way to make the playoffs. Upper went 2-8 last season. Gotta go with the Warriors over the Rams in this one.


Carey vs Colonel Crawford - Carey made a cinderella run to the regional finals a season ago, and if they didn’t take their foot off the gas against East Knox they would’ve made the state semi’s. They’ll have a few new faces, but they bring back an O-line that started four sophomores last season. Going with the Blue Devils.


Findlay vs Whitmer - Whitmer may not have Riley Keller, but it’s still Whitmer. Taking the Panthers.


Fostoria vs Eastwood - Fostoria could be a fun team this season with Dom Settles returning at QB. Eastwood though is an institution that wins every single year no matter who’s on the field. Taking the Eagles in this one.


Genoa vs Elmwood - Elmwood is a program on the rise after some down seasons. Genoa had themselves a down season last year for the first time in a long time. Gotta take Genoa in this one.


Tiffin Columbian vs Port Clinton - Columbian has been a playoff team each of the first two seasons under Judd Lutz. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be a strong team this year in the SBC. Going with the Tornadoes


Tiffin Calvert vs Hilltop - Calvert had a slightly down season after making the playoffs for five years straight. They’ll start the year on a good note with a win over Hilltop.


Hardin Northern vs Waynesfield-Goshen - Both teams made the playoffs last year. I will go with the Polar Bears in this one though.


Northwood vs Gibsonburg - Man if this matchup doesn’t excite you then you weren’t paying much attention last year. Only two times prior to 2019 did undefeated regular season teams not make the playoffs. It happened to both my Northwood Rangers and the Gibsonburg Golden Bears last season. The Rangers though still have Jay Moten at QB so because of that I will (unsurprisingly) take the Rangers. 

Arlington vs North Baltimore - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 11 - 2019

The Playoffs are here so let’s have one more dive into weekly picks for this season. While I was pretty consistent over the regular season you already know that the playoffs are a whole different animal. Let’s get into the picks!


Record this season: 110-26 overall, 14-1 in week 10


Holy Name vs Tiffin Columbian - Columbian gets a home game for the second straight season after going winless two seasons before that. 


Columbian looks to be peaking at the right time. Only a few close games with the others being blow outs.


Holy Name has some nice wins over Bay and Buckeye, but somewhat strange losses to Elyria Catholic and Padua Franciscan.


I’ll take the Tornadoes in this one.


Carey vs Western Reserve - Kudos to Carey for being able to rally and make the postseason thanks to an overtime win over Seneca East. Those kudos won’t help them against Western Reserve.


Going with the Roughriders


Norwayne vs Seneca East - Second straight season the Tigers open up with a 5-5 team that somehow made the postseason. Norwayne actually opened the season going 0-4 and still found a way to make it to week 11. The only team they beat worth a damn was Hillsdale.


Taking the Tigers over the Bobcats.


Mohawk vs Leipsic - How the tables have turned from a year ago! Last year Mohawk was the top ranked team in the state along with being the top team in Region 26. This year Leipsic is the top seed in the region with Mohawk finding a way to sneak in. 


The biggest difference is that last year Leipsic got in at 9-1 with a loss to the eventual state champions for the second time. This Mohawk team is 6-4 with their biggest win being over Lakota or Hopewell-Loudon.


Going with Leipsic big in this one.


Edgerton vs McComb - Well, well then. Yet another rematch. This time from last year’s regional finals. Last year Edgerton dominated Pandora-Gilboa and it made us (all the people I talked with in the media before the game last year) expect they would do the same to McComb. McComb dominated that game from the moment the clock started. 


McComb is banged up and clearly not the same team as last season, but they still managed to put up 35 on a pretty good Liberty-Benton defense last week. Oh, and they want another shot at Leipsic after losing to them for the first time in six year.


Give me the Panthers.


Arlington vs Patrick Henry - Now this should be a fun one. Arlington very easily could be 9-1 right now. If they had any semblance of a better offense against Liberty-Benton they beat them and don’t need to go into overtime. 


They were up big on McComb in the first half before they got too conservative and let them back in the game in the later part of the second quarter.


Meanwhile Patrick Henry looks similar to last year’s team. They bring back QB/NG TJ Rhamy. They lost to three really good teams in Archbold, Wauseon and Liberty Center. All of which made the playoffs. 


But I believe in the Arlington defense. And I believe in Connor Foust running the ball.


Give me the Red Devils over the Patriots. 


Edon vs Norwalk St. Paul - I have to show some love to the one school from the TAAC making the postseason (I don’t want to talk about Northwood not making the playoffs. Leave me alone)


But Edon is a year ahead of schedule making the postseason this year. They start a crap ton of sophomores. Their losses came to three pretty good teams. Two of those made the playoffs (I SAID I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT IT)


St. Paul seemingly rested their starters in their Saturday tilt against Monroeville. Why else would they have randomly lost to a two win team? When their starters have played they’ve done pretty well. Aside from that loss to 9-1 Western Reserve points have been hard to come by. 


Edon will score some points but won’t win the game. Taking the Flyers.

Liberty-Benton vs Eastwood. I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. It should be a fun one! Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 10 - 2019

The playoffs are so close you can almost taste it. No need for fluff this week. Let’s get into the picks!


Record this season: 96-25 overall, 13-1 in week 9


Fostoria vs Woodmore - Fostoria. Big.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Arcadia - A closer game than I would’ve thought at the start of the season, but I still think PG wins comfortably. 


Arlington vs Leipsic - Came down to the wire last season and I expect a lot of the same this time around. I still have Leipsic finding a way to win. 


Cory-Rawson vs Van Buren - A matchup of two of the most injured teams this season. Taking Van Buren in this one.


North Baltimore vs Riverdale - Riverdale could possibly be a playoff team if they weren’t in one of the most stacked regions in all of Ohio. Taking the Falcons over the Tigers.


Crestline vs Vanlue - It was so fun when Vanlue started the season 2-0. That was a while ago though. Going with Crestline.


Mohawk vs Upper Sandusky - Mohawk needs this win to hold ground and sneak into the postseason. 


Colonel Crawford vs Carey - Carey might sneak into the playoffs with this win while going .500. I’ll take the Blue Devils.


Buckeye Central vs Seneca East - Seneca East. Huge.


Findlay vs Central Catholic - A Findlay win would get them into the playoffs for a rematch against Whitmer. Their defense could get a couple stops but they aren’t going to score enough points. Taking the Irish.


Lakota vs Tiffin Calvert - Toss up for two teams that have struggled. I’ll take Calvert on a whim.


Tiffin Columbian vs Norwalk - Super fun game in the SBC between two 8-1 teams. Norwalk struggled to get by Clyde in OT last week. I think TC finds a way to get the win and take down the top team in their region. How about that?! 


Hopewell-Loudon vs Gibsonburg - Gibsonburg will win this game and have a perfect season and probably miss the playoffs. That’s super depressing. 


Northwood vs Cardinal Stritch - Northwood finishes their perfect regular season and hoists the Big Apple Deli Trophy. Man I need some Big Apple Deli in my life...


Hardin Northern vs Waynesfield-Goshen - A matchup of two 7-2 squads. Essentially a play-in game to make the postseason in region 28. I’ll go with Hardin Northern finding a way to get the win and make the postseason for the first time since 2006.

McComb vs Liberty-Benton - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. It should be a fun one! Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 9 - 2019

Week 9 is finally upon us. Teams around the area are starting to have a better idea about their fate. Maybe someone gets caught looking ahead on Friday night. That’s why you play the game! Let’s look at the picks for this week.


Record this season: 83-24 overall, 13-1 in week 8


Otsego vs Fostoria - Otsego is down for the first time in a couple of seasons. Give me Fostoria getting above .500 for the first time since Micah Hyde was in school. 


North Baltimore vs Liberty-Benton - Liberty-Benton by a lot.


Van Buren vs Arlington - Arlington wins big heading into their big game against Leipsic.


Arcadia vs Cory-Rawson - Points won’t be an issue in this one. I’ll take Arcadia. 


Riverdale vs Vanlue - Riverdale. Big.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Crestline - Pandora-Gilboa. Big


Carey vs Buckeye Central - Carey. Big.


Wynford vs Mohawk - Wynford gets a win to give themselves a small chance at making the postseason in division five.


Seneca East vs Colonel Crawford - Seneca East keeps rolling. 


Lima Senior vs Findlay - Findlay was so, so close to taking down a really good St. John’s team. They will right some of their wrongs this week against Lima. 


Perkins vs Tiffin Columbian - Big win coming for TC heading into their game with Norwalk. 


Tiffin Calvert vs Hopewell-Loudon - Two teams that have struggled this season. Nice little rivalry game in Bascom. I’m going with Calvert in this one. 


Northwood vs Ottawa Hills - Northwood still may be on the outside looking in come postseason time despite being 8-0. Shows how much the TAAC has dwindled after losing both Gibsonburg and Danbury to the SBC. 


Quick aside: Gibsonburg may miss out on the postseason too. They stand at eight for the time being (Joeeitel) The Golden Bears are in a stacked region that has Coldwater, LCC, Anna, Liberty Center, Archbold, Minster and Allen East above them. Fairview is beneath them at 7-1 with their lone loss coming to division four Wauseon. Oh and Fairview beat Gibsonburg in the first round of the postseason a year ago. Fairview is really good.


Hardin Northern vs Ridgemont - Sure looks like Hardin Northern will make the playoffs if they win out in a region that includes Marion Local.


Leipsic vs McComb - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. It should be a fun one! Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here 

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 8 - 2019

Week eight really is when you see who will be true contenders and what teams fall by the wayside. Why waste time? Let’s get into this week’s picks!


Record this season: 70-23 overall, 11-3 in week 7


Fostoria vs Genoa - Really tough loss for Fostoria last week. They will rebound against a Genoa team that’s down for the first time in more than a decade.


Arcadia vs North Baltimore - I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of offense in this game. Last season they combined for 100 some total points. I don’t think we see quite that output tonight. North Baltimore will have a couple highlight plays, but they won’t have enough. Taking Arcadia in this game.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Arlington - Lots of fun games in the BVC this week. Arlington’s offense has been a lot more fluid once they gave Connor Foust more touches. I will take the Red Devils over the Rockets. 


Vanlue vs Cory-Rawson - Cory-Rawson hasn’t been able to stop much throughout the season. Including giving up 51 to Crestline last week. I’ll go with Vanlue. 


Crestline vs Riverdale - Riverdale bounces back after a tough couple of weeks losing to Arcadia on a late field goal and running into a really good Liberty-Benton squad. 


McComb vs Van Buren - McComb by a bunch.


Wynford vs Carey - Very interesting game in the NTAC. Both teams still fighting for the league crown. Going with Wynford over Carey in this one.


Buckeye Central vs Mohawk - Mohawk keeps Buckeye Central winless.


Seneca East vs Upper Sandusky - Seneca East rebounds after an overtime loss to Carey.


Findlay vs St. John’s - St. John’s has looked amazing this year. They took Central Catholic down to the wire. Taking the Titans over the Trojans.


Bellevue vs Tiffin Columbian - Big SBC game between a 5-2 team and a 6-1 squad. I think we’ll see another close game that the Tornadoes win.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Danbury - Chieftains big over winless Danbury.


Whetstone vs Northwood - Whetstone acts as the replacement game with Toledo Christain playing eight man football this season. They are a division two school from Columbus. They’re 3-4 but those wins are against teams that combine to have just two wins in total. A win here should really help the Rangers who are currently outside of the playoff picture despite behind 7-0.


Hardin Northern vs Elgin - I’ll bet it has been a while since Hardin Northern was above .500 for the season. That’ll change after this week.

Liberty-Benton vs Leipsic - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. It should be a fun one! Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 7 - 2019

Week 6 was an interesting one. Things are finally starting to feel like fall. The weather is getting crisper. The leaves are changing. Heck I even went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in like five years. Let’s get into this week’s picks!


Record this season: 59-20 overall, 9-5 in week 6


Rossford vs Fostoria - Man, the NBC is weird this year. Genoa’s down for the first time in a while. Eastwood remains at the top but both Rossford and Fostoria are the next two teams to look out for. This seems to be a pretty even matchup. I think we’ll see another close game that the Redmen find a way to win.


Riverdale vs Liberty-Benton - Riverdale has been fun in spots this season and they’re coming off a tough loss to Arcadia. That doesn’t mean this week will be better for them. Going with LB.


Cory-Rawson vs Crestline - It won’t be nearly as bad as it was last week against McComb, but I still have Cory-Rawson falling to Crestline. 


Arlington vs Arcadia - Arlington. Big.


McComb vs North Baltimore - McComb keeps rolling.


Vanlue vs Pandora-Gilboa - Pandora-Gilboa. Massive.


Mohawk vs Bucyrus - I’m not sure what to make of this game. Neither team has been very impressive so far this season. I’ll take Bucyrus but I don’t feel great about it. 


Carey vs Seneca East - Give me the Tigers rolling to 7-0.


Tiffin Calvert vs Danbury - Calvert. Huge.


Fremont St. Joe’s vs Hopewell-Loudon - A pair of 2-4 teams that have struggled so far this season. I’ll go with Hopewell-Loudon on a whim.


Clyde vs Tiffin Columbian - Both teams started the season 5-1. Clyde’s loss came to start the season while Columbian’s was this past week. Last year TC lost because of a late field goal. I think they remember that well and find a way to get the win.


Findlay vs Clay - Findlay is banged up, but so are a lot of teams at this point in the season. I think they get a better flow on offense and take down the Eagles.


Northwood vs Montpelier - One team hasn’t scored a point in their last two games. One team has scored at least 50 points each of the last four weeks. I will go with the team that has scored at least 50 for the last four weeks. (Yes, it’s Northwood. I just wanted to be somewhat creative)


Hardin Northern vs Lehman Catholic  - Another seemingly close matchup for Hardin Northern. Considering Hardin Northern easily beat Riverside and Lehman Catholic needed OT to do so. I will go with the Polar Bears


Van Buren vs Leipsic - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here 

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 6 - 2019

Well I did say what I was going to do coming into week 5. I got better with the picks. In fact, since I only predict the Hardin Northern score weekly for a couple people out there that went there. In my personal record book I had a perfect week 5. Regardless, let’s get into week 6.


Record this season: 50-15 overall, 12-1 in week 5


Fostoria vs Elmwood - Two teams that have struggled a lot over the last handful of seasons. Elmwood started strong at 2-0 before losing to Northwood, Genoa and Rossford. The loss to Rossford is the most questionable of the three. I’ll take the Redmen.


Arcadia vs Riverdale - Riverdale has looked really good the last couple of weeks and I don’t think that changes this week. Going with the Falcons. 


Vanlue vs Arlington - Arlington. Huge.


Cory-Rawson vs McComb - McComb. Huge.


Van Buren vs North Baltimore - Van Buren has dealt with a bunch of injuries and because of that they’ve had a bit of a losing skid. I think North Baltimore will be able to score a little bit, but I think Van Buren wins this one. 


Leipsic vs Crestline - Leipsic. By a lot.


Carey vs Upper Sandusky - Two teams that have struggled this year. Big rivalry matchup. I’m taking the Rams in this one.


Mohawk vs Colonel Crawford - Cleary not the Mohawk team from a season ago. Going with the Eagles.


St. Francis vs Findlay - Closer than it looks on paper, but Findlay is banged up and playing with their back up QB. I'll take the Knights.


Tiffin Columbian vs Sandusky - Has to be the best game in the area tonight. I will give the slight edge to Columbian. I have a feeling we might see this matchup in November as well.


Tiffin Calvert vs Margaretta - Calvert isn’t the same team they were in 2018, but I think they find a way to beat Margaretta.


Pymatuning Valley vs Hopewell-Loudon - Hopewell-Loudon was lucky to get this game after Sandusky St. Mary had to drop to playing 8 man football this season. It will be a much needed victory for the Chieftains. 


Hilltop vs Northwood - It sure looks like the Rangers are going to go 10-0 once again. 


Hardin Northern vs Riverside - Close matchup in this one. I’ll give a slight edge to Hardin Northern in this game.


Liberty-Benton vs Pandora-Gilboa - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI and online here 

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 5 - 2019

I thought you were supposed to get better at picks as the season goes on? Well for some reason I’ve been going in the wrong direction. This is the week I turn it around! Now let’s get into the picks for week 5.


Record this season: 7-5 in week 4, 38-14 overall


Lake vs Fostoria - Both teams have had some rough games this year. I think they are pretty even. I’ll take Fostoria in a close one.


Liberty-Benton vs Van Buren - I feel like this could go either way. Last week Van Buren was a little banged up and lost to Riverdale. Because of that I will go with LB getting the win. 


Arcadia vs Leipsic - Leipsic is really good. Leipsic will win by a lot. 


Crestline vs Arlington - After back-to-back tough losses to Liberty-Benton and McComb I see Arlington getting back on track against Crestline. 


Riverdale vs Cory-Rawson - If the Riverdale team that took it to Van Buren shows up for the second week in a row then I see the Falcons winning big. Riverdale will have their handsful trying to stop Deontae' Davis and Tommy Stauffer though. Give me the Falcons over the Hornets. 


North Baltimore vs Vanlue - It will be closer than it was a season ago, but I gotta take the Tigers in this one. Vanlue isn’t gonna be able to stop Levi Gazarek.


Mohawk vs Seneca East - Mohawk is coming off two straight losses while Seneca East is rolling to start the season. Taking the Tigers over the Warriors.


Tiffin Columbian vs Vermillion - Similar to last week, Columbian is 4-0 and Vermillion is 0-4. Vermillion has scored 35 points this season. Columbian scored more than that last week alone. Give me the Tornadoes over the Sailors. 


Tiffin Calvert vs Fremont St. Joe’s - Calvert has to right the ship after a 1-3 start to stay in playoff contention. Give me the Senecas.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Margaretta - Hopewell-Loudon won in a shootout against Lakota last week for their first win. Meanwhile Margaretta has played some stiff competition in Seneca East and Western Reserve. Going with Margaretta in this one. 


Fremont Ross vs Findlay - Big rivalry matchup here. Both teams come in at 1-3. It’s been super close over the last few seasons too. Gotta go with the Trojans getting the win after how they lost to Ross a season ago. 


Hardin Northern vs Perry - Hardin Northern is gonna be 4 and 1 after this Friday night. How about that?!


Northwood vs Stryker - Stryker is in their second season of Football after not having it for 87 years. Northwood could probably put up 87 points if they really wanted to, but Ken James doesn’t do that unless he wants to prove a point. The Rangers will score at least 60 though.


Pandora-Gilboa vs McComb - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I’m calling. Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 4 - 2019

Week 3 was a wash in more ways than one with the weather across the area on Friday night. I’m sure the weather affected all or almost all of the games, but you know what they say. Both teams had to deal with the elements. Now let’s get into the picks for week 4.


Record this season: 10-4 in week 3, 31-9 overall


Fostoria vs Eastwood - Fostoria might keep it close for a quarter or so, but Eastwood is just too talented. Give me the Eagles.


Vanlue vs Arcadia - I have Vanlue getting to 3-1 on the season. How about that?!


Liberty-Benton vs Cory-Rawson - Liberty-Benton grinded out a win last week against Arlington. They won’t need to do that this week. I’m going with LB.


Riverdale vs Van Buren - Van Buren rebounds after a tough loss to Pandora-Gilboa. 


North Baltimore vs Crestline - Crestline is playing a whole bunch of BVC teams, and they’re going to lose to a whole bunch of BVC teams. Going with the Tigers.


Leipsic vs Pandora-Gilboa - Easily the best game in the area. Especially considering these two didn’t get to play last year because of how the schedule worked out. Gonna go with Leipsic though in this one.


Mohawk vs Carey - I really didn’t think Carey was going to start the season 0-3. Yet here they are about to be 0-4. Gotta take Mohawk coming off their first regular season loss since 2017.


Findlay vs Whitmer - Riley Keller is gonna have himself a game. Going with the Panthers.


Tiffin Calvert vs Gibsonburg - Calvert is 1-2 but those losses came to Wynford and Norwalk St. Paul. Two teams that will make the playoffs. But Gibsonburg is 3-0 coming off a good win against Mohawk. Steve Reser lost to his former team last season, and I don’t think he will lose to them two seasons in a row. Going with the Senecas.


Tiffin Columbian vs Start - Columbian is 3-0. Start is 0-3. Give me Columbian.


Edon vs Northwood - As per tradition the Rangers will open up TAAC play against the Bombers. Edon is on the right track on building their program up, but Northwood’s program has been rolling basically as long as I’ve been alive. Give me my Rangers.


Hardin Northern vs Upper Scioto Valley - I think it’ll be a tight one. Both teams come in at 2-1. I’ll take the Polar Bears. (How about that Potter?!) (How about that Colin?!)


Arlington vs McComb - Won’t pick this one since it’ll be the game I’m calling tonight. You can join Matt Cotman and I for that tonight on Mix 96.7 WBVI

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 3 - 2019

Well week 2 might not have been my best, but in week 3 we know a lot more than we did before. Conference play is starting for some leagues. And boy (or girl) do we have some fun games this weekend!


Record this season: 9-4 in week 2, 21-5 overall


Fostoria vs Hopewell-Loudon - Such a big game tonight between neighboring schools that have never met on the football field. Fostoria struggled against Oak Harbor and got back on track with a win over Scott. While Hopewell-Loudon struggled against Van Buren and was more competitive in their loss to Mohawk. I think Hopewell will look much better than they did week one, but I have Fostoria finding a way to get the win in Bascom tonight. You can listen to that game tonight on WFOB.


Cory-Rawson vs North Baltimore - North Baltimore will have the two best athletes on the field a good amount of times this season. They narrowly lost to Cory-Rawson a season ago. I have North Baltimore getting the win.


McComb vs Riverdale - McComb. Huge.


Crestline vs Arcadia - Crestline has won a game this season. Arcadia has not. Because of this I will go with Crestline.


Leipsic vs Vanlue - It’s awesome for Vanlue to start 2-0 for the first time in about a decade. They are going to feel a little less than awesome after tonight. Leipsic by a lot.


Van Buren vs Pandora-Gilboa - A very interesting matchup. Both teams are in a good spot to be contenders in the BVC this season. I think it will be close, but I’m gonna go with Van Buren tonight by single digits. 


Mohawk vs Gibsonburg - Both teams made the postseason last season. Both teams come in 2-0. But Gibsonburg didn’t beat Woodmore by a whole lot. Because of that I will go with Mohawk.


Crestview vs Carey - I don’t see Carey starting 0-3. Give me the Blue Devils.


Norwalk St. Paul vs Calvert - Big playoff implications tonight. Last season Calvert gave St. Paul their only regular season loss. The win helped give Calvert a home playoff game in a stacked Division VII Region 26 last year. While St. Paul had to face a very good Edgerton squad. Calvert’s 1-1 record is somewhat deceiving because they played a Wynford team that will make the playoffs. St. Paul hasn’t played amazing teams to start the year, but they haven’t allowed any points yet. Calvert will score but they won’t win. Give me the Fliers. 


Columbian vs Ashland - Columbian is 2-0 while Ashland is 0-2. I’ll take the tornadoes. 


Northwood vs Elmwood - A surprisingly fun matchup with both teams being 2-0. Elmwood has beaten North Baltimore and Lakota. Northwood has beaten Woodmore and Lake. I will of course go with my Rangers, but I think it’ll be a fairly close game.


Woodmore vs Lakota - Lakota should take care of business against Woodmore, and I believe they will.


Findlay vs Marysville - Findlay is 0-2 and Marysville is 2-0, but Marysville is a good matchup for Findlay. Findlay’s defense is better equipped to stop the Marysville running attack. Give me the Trojans tonight.


Hardin Northern vs Danbury - Danbury lost to Vanlue so I have a hunch that means they won’t win many games this season. I’ll take the Polar Bears. 


Arlington vs Liberty-Benton - Won’t pick this one since it will be the game I’m calling. Join Matt Cotman and I live on Mix 96.7 WBVI


Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 2 - 2019

Back we are for week two! I had a nearly perfect week to start the season going 12-1. My one miss was Vanlue, and they got their first win in 19 games. I’m feeling confident this week. Will that matter? Who knows. Let’s get into the picks for this week.


Record this season: 12-1 


Fostoria vs Scott - Fostoria struggled last week against Oak Harbor. Scott isn’t as good as Oak Harbor but I still have them beating the Redmen tonight.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Mohawk - Hopewell-Loudon struggled against a Van Buren team that might make some noise in the BVC this season. Mohawk lost a ton from their 2018 team. I have the Warriors over the Chieftains. 


Arlington vs Ada - Arlington will go into the Liberty-Benton game next week 2-0 and looking for their first win over the Eagles in quite some time. 


Carey vs Gallion - Carey is going against a bigger school that defeated them a season ago. I’ll take Gallion tonight.


Elmwood vs Lakota - Elmwood started the season strong with a big win over North Baltimore. I think they ride that momentum and start 2-0.


Findlay vs Perrysburg - I just have a feeling the Trojans find a way in this one. Their offense won’t be as bad as it was last week.


Hardin Northern vs Riverdale - I have Hardin Northern starting 2-0. How about that?!


Lake vs Northwood - The score surprised me a bit against Woodmore. I thought it would be a lot more lopsided than it was. Nonetheless Northwood has struggled to start the season multiple times over the last decade plus. The 2008 team just collectively shook their heads. That being said I’m taking my Rangers in the Battle of Lemoyne Road. 


Leipsic vs Columbus Grove - Another PCL battle this week for Columbus Grove. This is probably one of the best games of the week. I’ll go with Leipsic but this game feels like it will be super close.


Liberty-Benton vs Archbold - Watching Liberty-Benton last week I can safely say they are a much better team than last season. They struggled a bit in the second half, but were able to get the win over Wynford. Archbold though dominated Hicksville. I’ll say LB finds a way on the road to get the win. 


Pandora-Gilboa vs Bluffton - Not gonna overthink this one and just follow my instincts. Give me PG.


Tiffin Columbian vs Waite  - Columbian had a good win last week against Fremont Ross. I think they continue that trend with a win over Waite.


Tiffin Calvert vs Wynford - Huge game. Calvert had a good win over Monroeville. Wynford had a tough loss to Liberty-Benton. Wynford is a really tough team that will compete for the NTAC Title this season. I’ve got the Royals getting back to .500.


McComb vs Troy Christain - McComb. Huge.


Van Buren vs Otsego - Both teams replace big parts of their teams from 2018. Give me the Black Knights over the Knights.


Ayersville vs North Baltimore - Won’t pick this one since it will be the game I’m calling Friday night. You can listen live on Mix 96.7 WBVI starting at 6:50 on Friday!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 1 - 2019

Football is finally back! Yeah Van Buren beat Hopewell-Loudon last night and Whitmer smoked Start, but it really ‘starts’ up tonight. You see what I did there? Okay maybe that wasn’t funny.. 


How did i do last year? Regular season (65-10 picking most of the season)


Let’s get to the picks:


Anthony Wayne vs Findlay - Anthony Wayne didn’t lose until November last season, and Findlay is starting a sophomore at QB. Gonna go with Anthony Wayne tonight.


Arcadia vs Hardin Northern - Arcadia has their largest team in some time. Hardin Northern has a first year head coach. But they also have the best player on the field in Owen Wetherill. Going with the Polar Bears tonight.


Arlington vs Riverdale - Both teams are very different from last season and they each have a new quarterback. I have Carter Essinger running all over the Riverdale defense and leading Arlington to a win.


Carey vs Leipsic - Two playoff teams from a season ago. Leipsic is by a lot of people the favorite in the BVC this season. I’ll take the Vikings over the Blue Devils.


Columbus Grove vs Pandora-Gilboa - PG has gotten the best of Grove the last two times they played to open up the season. I have Blake Reynolds and the Bulldogs getting the win tonight.


Lakota vs Mohawk - Mohawk is a very different team from last season, but Lakota is still in the process of rebuilding. I’ll take the Warriors over the Lakers


McComb vs Delta - McComb is also a very different team from last season. They have a Tanner Schroeder sized hole that is impossible to fill. Yet they find a way to beat Delta tonight.


North Baltimore vs Elmwood - Lots of familiarity between Zach Walls and Greg Bishop. Walls coached under Bishop at North Baltimore when he was the head coach of the tigers. Both teams struggled last year. I’ll take Elmwood in this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Levi Gazarek does something special and gets a win for North Baltimore.


Northwood vs Woodmore - Woodmore didn’t win a game last season. Northwood made the playoffs. Taking my Rangers over the Wildcats.


Oak Harbor vs Fostoria - I just don’t see how Fostoria keeps this one from getting out of hand early. Gimme Oak Harbor.


Tiffin Calvert vs Monroeville - Calvert handled Monroeville with ease a season ago. I see much of the same tonight.


Tiffin Columbian vs Fremont Ross - It should be a very fun game in Fremont tonight. Because I picked against Columbian a lot last year I will go with them this week.


Vanlue vs Danbury - If Vanlue wants a win this season they may need to start 1-0. Yet I’m going with the Lakers in this game.


Wynford vs Liberty-Benton - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I will be calling tonight. Join Matt Cotman and I on Mix 96.7 WBVI around 6:50.


Thank God Football is finally back!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 11 - 2018

Well if it wasn’t for damn Hardin Northern I would’ve had my first spotless week. This is where the going gets tough though. There’s no cake walk games in the playoffs. You got to give it 110%. You need to leave everything on the field. Is that enough clichés? Probably. Let’s get to my final picks piece of the season!


Last week: 12-1, Overall, 65-10


LEXINGTON vs TIFFIN COLUMBIAN - Tiffin Columbian’s two losses have come to teams that are each one or two seeds in their respective regions (Anthony Wayne and Clyde). While Lexington has just one win against a team above .500. I have to go with TC getting the win.


LOUDONVILLE vs SENECA EAST - Seneca East has just one loss that came to a really good Mohawk team. Loudonville is at .500 but they played games against division IV & V teams all season long for the most part. (8 of 10 games). I’m gonna go with the upset in this one. I’m going with Loudonville. Seneca East is without some of their top players. It may not have mattered going against a winless Buckeye Central team last week, but it will tonight. Give me the Redbirds over the Tigers.


FAIRVIEW vs GIBSONBURG - Like Seneca East, Gibsonburg’s one loss came against a good Mohawk team. The Golden Bears rebounded and beat their former head coaches new squad, Tiffin Calvert, the following week. Fairview is 7-3 with two of their losses coming to playoff teams in Bryan (7-3) and Edgerton (10-0). Their other loss came against Hicksville who just missed out on the postseason. I’m gonna go with the Golden Bears over the Apaches in this contest.


NORTHWOOD vs HILLSDALE - Not truly a 'local' team, but they're my team so I'm going to talk about them for a second. My Northwood Rangers come into the game at 9-1 with their one loss being to Lemoyne Road rival Lake. That shoot-out with Rossford doesn't look as good since they dropped way off when their quarterback when down with injury. The Rangers benifited by playing in now weaker TAAC with Gibsonburg going to the SBC. They hadn't won a league title since 2013. On the Hillsdale side, they're 8-2 with both losses being to playoff teams in Loudonville and Norwayne. I got to see Hillsdale last year against Liberty-Benton. They return a good chunk of guys from that team. As much as I don't like picking against my school they have just one playoff win in the past nine trips to the postseason. Begrudgingly taking the Falcons over the Rangers. 


PANDORA-GILBOA vs TIFFIN CALVERT - Man, it really doesn’t feel like this should be a round one game. Both these teams are set up to make runs this year. They both lost last year to the same team (Norwalk St. Paul) Calvert in round two and Pandora-Gilboa in round three. Calvert was able to beat a now 9-1 Norwalk team back in week three before they stumbled against Gibsonburg the following week. PG is a perfect 10-0 with their biggest wins coming over Columbus Grove and McComb who are both playoff teams. I just can’t go against PG. Their defense has been so good against even explosive offenses. McComb has averaged around 45 points a game this year and the Rockets held them to just 14 back in week 7. I have the Rockets facing the winner of St. Paul and Edgerton.


LEIPSIC vs MOHAWK - The Vikings come into Sycamore this weekend at 9-1 with that lone loss being to McComb. Their best wins this year have been against Columbus Grove and they had a thriller last week to come back and beat Arlington. Mohawk is perfect on the season with big wins over Gibsonburg, Carey, Seneca East and Wynford. If Leipsic is fortunate enough to get Cole Rieman back then I give them a punchers chance, but if he doesn’t play or does play and isn’t very healthy I don’t see their offense being productive enough against Mohawk. The Warriors have only allowed 21 points over the last 5 weeks. Mohawk over Leipsic.


CAREY vs COLUMBUS GROVE - Game one of my weekend slate so no pick here. The Bulldogs bounced back nicely from a 2-8 record in 2017 to go 7-3 this year. While Carey is week 11 bound for the second straight season. Looks to be a good one out at Columbus Grove tonight.


MCCOMB vs PATRICK HENRY - Game two of my weekend slate so no pick here. But this has to be one of the most senior coaching matchups. Kris Alge from McComb is in his 21st season, and Patrick Henry’s Bill Inselmann is in his 26th. It looks to be a fun matchup!


Be sure to check out the games I’ll be covering this weekend on Friday night I will have Carey vs Columbus Grove, and Saturday night I will have McComb vs Patrick Henry! You can listen to both of those games on Mix 96.7 WBVI FM and online right here:

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 10 - 2018

Last week was a pretty good one picks wise. I haven’t yet had a perfect week. I know I felt good last week, but I’m feeling great heading into this week. The final week of the regular season! Let’s get this:



Last week: 13-2, Overall, 53-9


NORTH BALTIMORE VS VAN BUREN - Brady Rader will get to go up against his former squad. He’s gonna go off against a defense that given up about 53 points a game. Black Knights big over the Tigers.


LEIPSIC VS ARLINGTON - Winner of this one has a date with Mohawk next week. Leipsic may struggle early. They haven’t been tested since their loss to McComb in week 6. Nonetheless, I’m going with Leipsic continuing their trend of making the postseason.


HOPEWELL-LOUDON VS CORY-RAWSON - Final ever BVC contest for Hopewell-Loudon. I think they go out a winner behind a big game from Sam Stickley.


ARCADIA VS VANLUE - Just one win between these two squads so far this season. Vanlue’s gonna get some points on the board this week. They didn’t score in either of their last two games against Leipsic and Arlington. Arcadia’s one win was against North Baltimore. North Baltimore beat Vanlue. I’ll go with the transitive property for this one. Arcadia over Vanlue.


RIVERDALE VS PANDORA-GILBOA - It’s crazy to me that PG is fighting to get a home game after going 9-0 so far this season, but that speaks to how good their region is this year. Going with the Rockets over the Falcons.


GENOA VS FOSTORIA - Fostoria had a great win in overtime last week against Rossford. The Genoa Comets are a different animal as the top team in Division V. Comets big over the Redmen.


FINDLAY VS WHITMER - Man it has been a tough season for Findlay. They have a couple overtime losses to start the year and injuries have taken their toll on the team. I gotta go with the Whitmer Panthers tonight.


NORWALK VS TIFFIN COLUMBIAN - Hardest game to pick this week. Both teams at 7-2. Closest thing to a pick 'em this week. I'll take TC.


TIFFIN CALVERT VS LAKOTA - As long as Calvert doesn’t completely overlook the Raiders they will win big. If their region holds they will have a rematch with Norwalk St. Paul who they beat handily in week 3, but St. Paul has always been a power in the postseason. Calvert over Lakota.


UPPER SANDUSKY VS MOHAWK - Mohawk rolls along and ends the season 10-0 and is the top seed in their region.


SENECA EAST VS BUCKEYE CENTRAL - Seneca East is facing a winless Buckeye Central team. Tigers over the Bucks.


CAREY VS COLONEL CRAWFORD - This game could get interesting. Carey is fighting to keep a spot in the postseason, and Colonel Crawford is trying to play spoiler. I’ll take Carey in this one.




UPPER SCIOTO VALLEY VS HARDIN NORTHERN - One of my lone blemishes on the week was Hardin Northern winning in week 9. They are now 4-5 and USV is 2-7. I won’t make that mistake again. Give me the Polar Bears tonight.


LIBERTY-BENTON VS MCCOMB - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I’ll be calling later tonight. For whatever reason, we didn’t see Kheaghan Loe go anywhere between the white lines last Friday against Hopewell-Loudon. I’m curious if it was injury related or something else.

Be sure to check out the BVC Game of the week tonight on Mix 96.7 WBVI between Liberty-Benton and McComb with Matt Cotman and myself here:

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 9 - 2018

I had just one mark against me that kept me from my first perfect week of the season. I’ve got a good feeling about this week. Maybe it’s the temperature dropping. Maybe it’s the matchups. Maybe it’s that i haven’t heard the song, Temperature, by Sean Paul in much too long. Let’s get to the games for Week 9!


Last week: 10-1, Overall, 40-7


VAN BUREN vs LIBERTY-BENTON - This should be a fun one. Liberty-Benton has been on a roll to get to 4-4 after starting 0-4. Van Buren has had a very tough schedule facing all the top BVC teams in a row and a non-conference game against Carey to start the year. I’ll take the Eagles over the Black Knights.


CORY-RAWSON vs LEIPSIC - Leipsic will win. Cory-Rawson could keep it interesting for a minute if Tommy Stauffer can make some big plays for the Hornets.


ARLINGTON vs VANLUE - Arlington, big.


RIVERDALE vs ARCADIA - It’s been an emotional week plus for Riverdale and their entire community. I have them getting the win over Arcadia.


PANDORA-GILBOA vs NORTH BALTIMORE - Pandora-Gilboa exploded on the scene last year with a 74-18 win over North Baltimore in week 4 of 2017. I honestly would be surprised if they don’t put up something close to that number. North Baltimore has allowed 77 and 62 points in their last two games. Rockets win big over the Tigers.


FOSTORIA vs ROSSFORD - Fostoria got back on track with a win over Elmwood last week. Rossford is without their starting quarterback and got smacked by Genoa last week. I got Fostoria in this one.


CENTRAL CATHOLIC vs FINDLAY - It’s hard enough playing Central Catholic and Whitmer in the same season. Findlay has to face unbeaten Central Catholic tonight and then Whitmer next week. I don’t have the Irish being upset by the Trojans.


TIFFIN COLUMBIAN vs PERKINS - Perkins has been struggling the past few years and they face a Columbian team fighting for a home game. Gotta take the Tornadoes.


TIFFIN CALVERT vs WILLARD - Much like their Tornado neighbors the Senecas are fighting for a home game in their region which is stacked with the likes of Mohawk, Pandora-Gilboa and McComb among others. Big win for the Senecas over the Crimson Flashes.


MOHAWK vs WYNFORD - Wynford had won every league title and every league game coming into this season. They’ve now lost a few league games, and now their title streak will officially end tonight at the hands of the Mohawk Warriors. They’ll advance to 9-0.


BUCKEYE CENTRAL vs CAREY - Carey is coming off a big win over Wynford. Buckeye Central hasn’t won a game all season. I won’t overthink this one. Gimme the Blue Devils.


COLONEL CRAWFORD vs SENECA EAST - Colonel Crawford is an improved team this year getting to 5-3. They still don’t have enough to take down the Tigers.


LAKOTA vs DANBURY - Neither team having a great season thus far. I’ll take the Raiders of Lakota getting to 4-5.


AND BY POPULAR DEMAND, HARDIN NORTHERN vs WAYNESFIELD-GOSHEN - I’ll use the common opponents to determine this one. Both teams lost badly to Lima Perry. Both teams lost to Elgin. But Waynesfield-Goshen beat Lehman Catholic while Hardin Northern lost to them by 34. I have to go with the Tigers over the Polar Bears.


MCCOMB vs HOPEWELL-LOUDON - I won’t pick this one because it’s the game I will be calling tonight.


On a personal note, this will be my first time back at the Hopewell-Loudon football field since 2011 when they were our one blemish on a 9-1 regular season for my Northwood Rangers my senior year.


Be sure to check out the BVC Game of the week tonight on Mix 96.7 WBVI between McComb and Hopewell-Loudon with Matt Cotman and myself here!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 8 - 2018

Last week I took a few too many L’s. I forgot to pick the Findlay vs St. John’s game. I probably would’ve gone with Findlay anyway. I’ll just give myself the extra loss. Let’s get to the picks!


Last week: 7-3, Overall, 30-6


VAN BUREN vs RIVERDALE - I think we will see a lot of points in this game. I’ll go with the Black Knights by a slim margin.


PANDORA-GILBOA vs CORY-RAWSON - The Rockets remain unbeaten with a big win over the Hornets.


ARCADIA vs ARLINGTON - Arlington bounces back in a big way after falling to Liberty-Benton last week.


NORTH BALTIMORE vs MCCOMB - I would be surprised if McComb doesn’t put up at least 60.


VANLUE vs LEIPSIC - Leipsic, big, again.


FINDLAY vs LIMA SENIOR - Findlay had a rough one against a vaunted pass attack by St. John’s. I have them getting back on track against Lima.


ELMWOOD vs FOSTORIA - Neither team is having a year to remember. Fostoria’s wins have come against Cardinal Stritch (they are somehow at 4-3 now) and Woodmore who’s winless. Elmwood has a win against Rossford and they were competitive against Gibsonburg at the start of the year. It’ll be an ugly game. I have the Royals beating the Redmen.


TIFFIN COLUMBIAN vs BELLEVUE - Columbian had a tough loss to Clyde last week on a game winning field goal. They will win big against 2-5 Bellevue.


TIFFIN CALVERT vs SANDUSKY ST MARY’S - 7 players scored for Calvert last week. I don’t know if that many will score against St. Mary’s of Sandusky, but they will be able to score about as many points this week.


MOHAWK vs BUCKEYE CENTRAL - Mohawk rolls to 8-0 against a winless Buckeye Central squad.


CAREY vs WYNFORD - Wynford won in the regular season, which helped them win the NTAC Title, but Carey got the best of them in the playoffs. Neither team is as good as they were a season ago. I’ll go with Carey over Wynford.


UPPER SANDUSKY vs SENECA EAST  - Seneca East is 6-1 and doesn’t look like they plan on slowing down anytime soon. Tigers over the Rams.


HOPEWELL-LOUDON vs LIBERTY-BENTON - I won’t pick this game since it’s the one I will be calling later today. But I’m excited to see a Liberty-Benton team that has been on a winning streak as of late and I haven’t got to see Sam Stickley play yet. He is leading the BVC in total points by only scoring touchdowns. He has 20 of them. I think I’m in for a treat tonight!

Be sure to check out the BVC Game of the week tonight on Mix 96.7 WBVI between Hopewell-Loudon and Liberty-Benton with Matt Cotman and myself here.


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