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Lance's Sports Blog Archives for 2020-10

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Ten - 2020

Well this is (probably) it. Week ten of the football season and round four of the playoffs. I never would’ve thought we would make it this far. That’s still kind of crazy to me. Enjoy high school football while you can because you never know when it can be taken from you. Leipsic had that pain this past Friday night, and my heart goes out to them. 


Now let’s get into this weekend’s games


Last week I went 7-4. For the year I am 69-26. Nice.

Week Ten Games: 


Friday Playoff Game’s 


West Holmes vs Columbian - West Holmes is 7-2 with one of those losses coming to a team that is also still in the playoffs. Columbian’s lone loss also came to a team still in the postseason. Columbian fell behind last week, but I don’t think they do that two weeks in a row. I think they prevail to have a possible rematch next week against Holy Name for a Regional Title.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Arlington - I won’t pick this game since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Hopewell-Loudon vs Arlington. Hear all the action on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Friday Non-Playoff Game’s


McComb vs Fostoria - I wouldn’t have been able to predict quite the drop off for both of these teams compared to last season. McComb has done some good things since their struggles early on this season. I’ll take McComb keeping Fostoria winless.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Ayersville - Ayersville looks improved from the team I saw last season. PG is still pretty good though so I will go with the Rockets.


Allen East vs Leipsic - A lot of uncertainty for the Vikings after last week's Covid related forfeit knocked them out of the playoffs. Assuming they have all or almost all of their key pieces I think they win this game. 


Bluffton vs Cory-Rawson - A traditional rivalry game that is typically played one of the first two weeks of the season. Time won’t be kind though this time around to Cory-Rawson as I think Bluffton will roll in this one. 


Lakota vs Van Buren - Two teams I was off on last week. I had Lakota losing to McComb and Van Buren losing to Patrick Henry. I literally flipped a coin for this one. I’ll take Van Buren. Tails never fails, right?


Liberty-Benton vs Wynford - Liberty-Benton certainly didn’t wake up Saturday morning last week thinking they would be playing a regular season game the following week. I think they do what they didn’t do last week and come out with a vengeance and take down Wynford.


Vanlue vs Crestline - Crestline has not won a game all season. Vanlue has won a game this season. I can’t argue with those numbers. Give me the Wildcats.


Carey vs Tinora - Two teams that could’ve matched up in a postseason contest if they each had been able to win last week. I’ll take Carey in a close one. 


Enjoy the fourth round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Nine - 2020

Another week of playoff football! No time to waste so let’s get into the games!


Last week I went 7-4. For the year I am 62-22. 

Week Nine Games: 


Friday Playoff Game’s 


Mohawk vs Lima Central Catholic - Mohawk is peaking at the correct time. Meanwhile LCC hasn’t played in forever. At least not since their win over Arlington on 10/2. I might not be picking this one with my head, but I have Mohawk finding a way to win this one.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Lima Perry - Both teams are undefeated and haven’t struggled a whole lot. Hopewell definitely impressed me in those wins over Calvert and Patrick Henry. I have the Chieftains getting it done tonight.


Revere vs Columbian - Columbian will be challenged a little bit for the first time this postseason, but I have them prevailing vs Revere.


Friday Non-Playoff Game’s


North Baltimore vs Fremont St. Joe’s - I think this should be a very close game between two teams that have struggled this season. I’ll go with the Tigers over the Crimson Streaks.


Cory-Rawson vs Hardin Northern - I have the Polar Bears rolling over the Hornets in this one.


McComb vs Lakota - Lakota rolled last week against Riverdale while McComb narrowly lost last week to Spencerville to end their postseason. I think McComb gets it done.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Delphos St. John’s - I was a little surprised Mohawk was able to handle PG the way they did. I think the Rockets will roll in this contest.


Van Buren vs Patrick Henry - Patrick Henry is clearly not the team of old from last season. Both teams want to run the crap out of the ball. I don’t like doing this, but I’m going to take Patrick Henry in this game.


Vanlue vs Springfield Central Catholic - Both teams are 1-7 and have had some rough stretches. I know they burned me last week, but I think Vanlue finds a way to pull this game out.


Fostoria vs Rossford - The time off won’t help Fostoria at all. I think Rossford blows them out.


Saturday Game’s


Carey vs Archbold - Carey is looking to replicate last season’s postseason run by looking to take down the top seed in their region. Archbold though historically hasn’t struggled in the postseason. As much as it pains me to say I think the road ends for the Blue Devils on Saturday night.


Northwood vs Fairview - Two high powered offenses with the defences to back them up. I don’t like picking against Northwood, but this Fairview team is really good and honestly might be my pick to win the whole region. Sadly taking the Apaches.


Leipsic vs Arlington and North Union vs Liberty-Benon - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Leipsic vs Arlington and Saturday join Shayne Nissen and I around 6:50 for LB hosting North Union. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the third round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Eight - 2020

More high school playoff football is on the way this weekend. As nice as it was for some of those teams that aren’t frequent playoff teams now we start to see who is legit. 


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 6-4. For the year I am 55-18. 

Week Eight Games (second round of the postseason unless noted below): 


Friday Game’s 


McComb vs Spencerville - McComb is starting to come together at just the right time. I think they pull off the win on the road against Spencerville.


Antwerp vs Leipsic - Antwerp’s only win of the season was last week. I’ll take Leipsic in this one.


Mohawk vs Pandora-Gilboa - Man this should be a really good game. I’ll take PG but I don’t feel great about it. 


Vanlue vs Fremont St. Joe’s (not a playoff game) - Vanlue will get their second big win of the season over a struggling Fremont St. Joe’s squad.


Ridgemont vs Cory-Rawson (not a playoff game) - Ridgemont is just 2-5 but with how thin Cory-Rawson is I gotta take the Golden Gophers in this contest.


Riverdale vs Lakota (not a playoff game) - Both teams had aspirations to do something in the postseason, and fell to Bluffton and Elmwood respectfully. I’ll take Lakota in a close one.


Arcadia vs Waynesfield-Goshen (not a playoff game) - Neither team looked great in the postseason. Arcadia played a better team though so I have Arcadia winning.


Patrick Henry vs Hopewell-Loudon - These two programs have some solid history of doing well in the postseason. Patrick Henry’s though is more recent making the state semi’s last year. Hopewell looks really good though so I think the Chieftains take this one.


Norton vs Columbian - Columbian rolls to start their postseason run.


Saturday Game’s


Convoy Crestview vs Calvert - Crestview dominated North Baltimore last week, but I think Calvert makes the most of their bye week and takes down the Knights.


Elmwood vs Liberty-Benton - Elmwood would need to play their best game of the season to even have a shot. I don’t think they will. Gotta take the Eagles in this one.


Ashland Crestview vs Carey - Both teams are pretty good. Each has just one loss. Carey though has absolutely rolled at home and I don’t think that will change. I’ll take the Blue Devils.


Edon vs Arlington and Van Buren vs Northwood - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight for Edon vs Arlignton and on Saturday join Matt and I around 6:40 for Van Buren vs Northwood. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the second round of the playoffs everyone!


Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Seven - 2020

The playoffs are here! Playoffs? Yes, Jim, playoffs. 


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 12-1. For the year I am 49-14. 

Week Seven Games (first round of the postseason unless noted below): 


Friday Game’s 


Upper Scioto Valley vs McComb - McComb is clearly not the McComb most people are used to. They figured some good things out last week against Leipsic in the second half. I’ll go with the Panthers.


North Baltimore vs Crestview - Crestview isn’t the Crestview of old either. I still see them finding a way against North Baltimore.


Vanlue vs Patrick Henry - As much as I would love Vanlue to pull off the upset I just don’t see it happening. Sadly taking the Patriots.


Spencerville vs Leipsic - Leipsic looked pretty good for most of last week’s game against McComb. Spencerville though is a pretty good team. I’ll go with the Bearcats in this one. (not a playoff game)


Minster vs Pandora-Gilboa - After an automatic advance over Cory-Rawson due to injury and depth concerns the Rockets were able to snatch up a game against an always tough Minster squad. This year though Minster is not an amazing team as we’ve seen pretty recently from state title wins and appearances. I’ll take the Rockets. (not a playoff game)


Ridgedale vs Mohawk - Mohawk rolls to open up the postseason.


Findlay vs Springboro - Findlay was able to pick up where they left off last week, and I have them doing the same tonight. Gotta take the Trojans. 


Hardin Northern vs Delphos St. John’s - Neither team has looked all that great this season. I’ll take the Polar Bears though.


Saturday Game’s


Bluffton vs Riverdale - Riverdale has had some really good moments this season. I think they have some on Saturday as well with a win over Bluffton.


Montpellier vs Carey - Carey should have little trouble winning this one. 


Fostoria vs North Union - Things don’t get any easier for Fostoria. I think they lose big.


Edon vs Arcadia and Paulding vs Van Buren - I won’t pick these games since they will be the games I call this weekend. Listen to Tom Grine and I live around 6:50 tonight for Edon vs Arcadia and Saturday join Chase Bachman and I around 6:40. Both games will be on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy the first round of the playoffs everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Six - 2020

Week six has arrived!


This is definitely the weirdest week six of all-time. Simply because we already know the playoff matchups. The season was shortened to a six game regular season this year because of the pandemic. But we can’t get there until we get through this week, right?


Let’s get into this week’s games!


Last week I went 10-3. For the year I am 37-13. 

Week Six Games:


Pandora-Gilboa vs Liberty-Benton - Pandora-Gilboa could put up some points, but this Liberty-Benton team is just too good. Give me LB.


Cory-Rawson vs Riverdale - Riverdale had a bad loss last week against Arcadia. I think they take out their frustrations on Cory-Rawson.


Arlington vs Lima Central Catholic - A battle between two of the top teams in their region. They have one major similarity. They each lost to Liberty-Benton. I think Arlington wins this one. 


North Baltimore vs Arcadia - Arcadia is looking like they will finish above .500 and host at least one playoff game, how about that?! I’ll take Arcadia in this one. 


Van Buren vs Vanlue - Vanlue got a giant win over Cory-Rawson last week. This week won’t be as kind to them. Give me the Black Knights.


Fostoria vs Otsego - It doesn’t get any easier for Fostoria tonight when they take on 5-0 Otsego. Going with the Knights.


Lima Senior vs Findlay - The Findlay Trojans finally get to get back on the field after being sidelined for two weeks. I think the Trojans pick up where they left off.


Norwalk vs Columbian - Always a big SBC matchup when these teams collide. I think Columbian gets it done. 


Hopewell-Loudon vs Calvert - Two unbeaten teams come in and only one can come out. I think Hopewell-Loudon pulls this one out.


Mohawk vs Buckeye Central - Mohawk wins big in this one over 1-4 Buckeye Central.


Carey vs Wynford - Two 4-1 teams in the NTAC for this game. Both having lost to Colonel Crawford. I will take Carey in this one. Why may you ask? They haven’t given up points in a month.


Riverside vs Hardin Northern - I don’t see the Polar Bears taking down 4-1 Riverside.


Northwood vs Cardinal Stritch - The Big Apple Deli Trophy isn’t going anywhere. Give me the Rangers.


McComb vs Leipsic - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week six everyone!


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