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Lance's Sports Blog Archives for 2020-09

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Five - 2020

Week five has arrived!


We have updated regions. Soon enough we’ll have playoff games; it’s starting to feel real!


No need for much of a preamble this time. Let’s get into the picks!


Last week I went 8-4. For the year I am 27-10. 

Week Five Games:


Cory-Rawson vs Vanlue - Someone has to win this game between two 0-4 teams. I’ll take Cory-Rawson in this one. 


McComb vs Pandora-Gilboa - Both teams have struggled a bit more than you’d expect. Both teams have lost their last two games. Because McComb is really banged up I will take Pandora-Gilboa.


Riverdale vs Arcadia - Came down to the wire last season. I don’t expect that part to be different. I do though see Riverdale coming out on top this time around. 


North Baltimore vs Van Buren - Despite Van Buren not playing all that well last week I think they figure things out tonight. I’ll go with the Black Knights.


Leipsic vs Lima Central Catholic - Leipsic surprised me with how they were able to beat Pandora-Gilboa in week three. I don’t see them surprising me with a win over LCC though.


Fostoria vs Genoa - Fostoria’s most likely win of the season passed them when they lost to Woodmore last week. I just don’t see a winnable game for them at this point in the season.


Columbian vs Perkins - Perkins is a program rebuilding under a new head coach in Jalen Santoro. Columbian rolls in this one. 


Calvert vs Margaretta - Margaretta is 0-4 and that won’t change this week. Give me the Senecas.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Lakota - Both teams have looked really good this season. Hopewell-Loudon is undefeated and Lakota is 3-1 with a three point loss to Calvert. I’ll take Hopewell-Loudon in a close one.


Bucyrus vs Mohawk - Bucyrus has scored 16 points all season and recently opted out of the playoffs. Mohawk will dominate.


Seneca East vs Carey - Seneca East hasn’t been the same team this season. I’ll go with the Blue Devils in this one.


Hardin Northern vs Perry - Hardin Northern is on a roll after losing to open the season. Perry though is 4-0. My instinct tells me to go with Perry, but I’ll reverse-jinx it and take Hardin Northern.


Northwood vs Edon - Not much of a challenge in the TAAC this season. The Rangers will roll in this one, but it’ll be their toughest league game of the season. Edon’s one loss is to a pretty good Lakota squad.


Liberty-Benton vs Arlington - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week five everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Four - 2020

Week four is here!


In terms of football things are starting to get more ‘normal’. High school football is almost a month into games, college football is back (more or less), and the NFL is back. The Browns disappointing me has returned as well. Although they did beat the Bengals last night so that was enjoyable. 


The Big Ten (finally) got it right! I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just postponed the season for a few weeks instead of to the spring, but that’s a whole different story.


How in the hell are we more than halfway through the regular season? I mean I know some of these teams will keep playing after they are eliminated, but I just don’t have a clue how all of this will work..


Anyway let’s get into this week of picks!


I was going to let Matt Cotman pick the slate of games as well, but I guess instead he will keep using his Twitter fingers to blast me… 


Last week I went 10-2. For the year I am 19-6. 

Week Four Picks:


Leipsic vs Arlington - After what Arlington did to Leipsic I can’t pick against the Red Devils this week. Although Leipsic surprised me with a win over Pandora-Gilboa last weekend


Van Buren vs Riverdale - Van Buren has started to click over the last few weeks. I think they take care of business against Riverdale.


Vanlue vs North Baltimore - Vanlue has 20 points this season. North Baltimore has 30 points this season. Vanlue got blown out by Riverdale, and North Baltimore almost beat Riverdale. I’ll take the Tigers in this one.


Arcadia vs Cory-Rawson - Cory-Rawson has some nice pieces on their team, but Arcadia has just a little more depth. I’ll go with Arcadia for the second straight week; how about that?!


Woodmore vs Fostoria - If Fostoria is gonna win a game this year then it has to be here. I’ll take Fostoria even though I don’t feel great about it. 



Columbian vs Bellevue - A great matchup of two teams that have started 3-0. Both have beaten good teams already. I’ll take Columbian tonight.


Calvert vs Lakota - A surprising matchup of two more teams that have started 3-0. Both teams beat Fremont St. Joe’s pretty good, but Calvert’s overtime win last week over Gibsonburg gives me more hope in the Senecas than the Raiders in this one.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Fremont St. Joe’s - Fremont St. Joe’s has been shut out twice and couldn’t beat Cardinal Stritch. Hopewell-Loudon is 2-0. I’ll take the Chieftains in a big win on Saturday night.


Upper Sandusky vs Carey - Taking Carey in a big win over Upper Sandusky.


Mohawk vs Colonel Crawford - Colonel Crawford comes in at 3-0 vs Mohawk’s 2-1, but give me the Warriors over the Eagles.


Lehman Catholic vs Hardin Northern - They both come in at 2-1. I’ll take the Polar Bears on a whim. Again.


Northwood vs Hilltop - Rangers. Huuuuge.


Liberty-Benton vs McComb - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week four everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Three - 2020

Week three is coming up, and it seems to come even quicker following a holiday weekend. 


We’re starting to know which teams are good and which teams aren’t so good. Nonetheless let’s get started with a new week of picks. No time for fluff.


Last week I went 8-5. For the year I am 19-6.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Leipsic - After what I saw from Leipsic last week; I have to take the Rockets over the Vikings. 


McComb vs Arlington - Both teams have looked really good to start the season. Plus they’re both 2-0. Arlington jumped ahead last season before McComb came back to win. I may come to regret it, but I’m taking Arlington over McComb this week. I still see a really close game.


Riverdale vs North Baltimore - Both teams have first year head coaches. Both teams are 1-1. I think there will be a lot of offense in this one. I’ll take the Falcons over the Tigers.


Arcadia vs Vanlue - Well someone has to win this one, right? Both teams come in at 0-2. Arcadia has put up more of a fight in their games so I’ll go with Arcadia tonight.


Findlay vs St. John’s - Don’t let St. John’s coming in at 1-1 fool you. They lost a shootout with Central Catholic last week. We’ll know if the Trojans are for real after this week, but I just don’t see them scoring enough points to beat St. John’s. Give me the Titans.


Columbian vs Clyde - Big SBC match up in this one. Columbian is 2-0 as are the defending state champs. Columbian won this game in a shootout last year. I just have a feeling Clyde wins this one.


Calvert vs Gibsonburg - Calvert is rolling to start the year. Gibsonburg doesn’t look to be the same team as last season since a lot of those guys graduated. Give me the Senecas.


Hopewell-Loudon vs Margaretta - Hopewell-Loudon finally got on the field on Monday, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I’ll take the Chieftains over the Polar Bears.


Mohawk vs Seneca East - A game that has been a very important game of the last few seasons. Seneca East hasn’t had any trouble in their first two games. While Mohawk shutout Upper Sandusky in week one, but fell to Carey last week. I have a feeling though the Warriors win this one.


Bucyrus vs Carey - Carey is 1-1 with a good win over Mohawk last weekend. Bucyrus has scored 7 points in two weeks. I’ll go with the Blue Devils.


Northwood vs Montpelier - Northwood is 2-0, and Montpelier is 0-1 after not being able to start their season against Hopewell-Loudon. They also lost to Cardinal Stritch. Give me the Rangers. Big.


Hardin Northern vs Ridgemont - Taking Hardin Northern on a whim. Neither team looks very stout this season.


Van Buren vs Cory-Rawson - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week three everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Two - 2020

Week two is quickly approaching! As much as I didn’t think week one would ever come I am much more confident we have a ‘full’ high school football season. 


As long as teams/coaches and fans keep being safe along with the media, pressbox folks and other workers can as well I have high hopes for the season. Damn you Panic At The Disco.


Last week I went 11-3. 


Here are my predictions for week two:


Arlington vs Pandora-Gilboa - Battle of two teams who dominated in week one. Shot in the dark but I’ll go PG.


Troy Christian vs McComb - Both teams won their week one game. McComb is still McComb though so I will go with them.


Arcadia vs Van Buren - Both teams lost their first game. They both played pretty good teams though as well. I’ll take Van Buren in this one.


North Baltimore vs Cory-Rawson - Neither team put points on the board in week one. Although North Baltimore at least was able to put some drives together. I’ll take the Tigers.


Vanlue vs Riverdale - Both teams lost to start the season. I just don’t see a way Vanlue wins this one so I have to take Riverdale.


Carey vs Mohawk - Mohawk looked impressive against Upper Sandusky. While Carey only put up 7 on Colonel Crawford. I think it should still be a close game, but I’m going with the Warriors over the Blue Devils.


Fostoria vs Lake - Another matchup where neither team looked good to start the year. I think Dom Settles finds a way to win this one for the Redmen. 


Findlay vs Fremont Ross - Rivarly week comes early this year for the Trojans with the change in the schedule. Both teams won in week one, but Whitmer is a tougher opponent than Clay. Taking the Trojans to move to 2-0.


Sandusky vs Columbian - This game has been a very interesting one over the last few years. I see Columbian winning by 10+ in this one.


Calvert vs Fremont St. Joe’s - Calvert rolls on after a beatdown of Hilltop and does something similar to Fremont St. Joe’s.


Gibsonburg vs Hopewell-Loudon - Well Hopewell-Loudon will get their week two game in. Maybe a little later than they hoped, but still. Although they didn’t pick a great game to come back to because the Golden Bears are gonna want a big win after losing to Northwood. Gotta go with the Golden Bears.  (Game will be played on Labor Day)


Northwood vs Ottawa Hills - Ottawa Hills surprised people (well at least me) with a win over Margaretta to start their season. I don’t think Northwood will have much trouble though with the Green Bears. 


Hardin Northern vs Ridgedale - Both teams lost big in week one. I’ll take the Polar Bears again though...


Leipsic vs Liberty-Benton - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling. Listen to Matt Cotman and I live around 6:50 tonight! It will be the first ever high school football broadcast on Classic Hits 96-7! 


Enjoy week two everyone!


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