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Lance's Sports Blog Archives for 2021-10

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Ten - 2021

The end of the regular season is upon us! What? How? I’m not ready…


It’s time for the picks for week ten!


My record so far through nine weeks is now 87-20 after going 10-2 in week nine.


Arcadia vs Riverdale - Neither team has looked very good this season unless they were playing Vanlue or Cory-Rawson. I think Arcadia finds a way to win this one.


Arlington vs North Baltimore - This won’t quite be the blowout it was to open up the 2020 season, but I still have the Red Devils winning this one. 


Cory-Rawson vs Pandora-Gilboa - Pandora-Gilboa could score 100 points if they really wanted to. Give me PG.


Van Buren vs Vanlue - Van Buren surprised me with how good they looked in spots against Arlington. Not that it will truly matter against this Vanlue team that is struggling to just have enough players to stay on the field. I will take Van Buren.


Elmwood vs Rossford - Elmwood will continue their rolling against a pesky Rossford squad.


Woodmore vs Genoa - Woodmore has only scored three touchdowns this season through seven games. The odds tell me that Genoa will win this one and Woodmore will score one touchdown if they’re lucky.


Lake vs Fostoria - Cancelled due to covid issues within the Fostoria program.


Carey vs Buckeye Central - Carey has been steamrolling teams basically the whole season. I don’t see that changing tonight as they look to lock up the number two seed in their region. 


Wynford vs Mohawk - Very even match between two 4-5 teams. I’ll take Mohawk on a whim in this one.


Lakota vs Calvert - Lakota could force a three way tie for the SBC River if they win and Hopewell-Loudon losses tonight. I think Lakota gets a good win heading into their first true postseason game in school history. The only other time they’ve made the playoffs was last season.


Columbian vs Norwalk - Columbian is playing without a good chunk of their starters after a vandalism incident over the weekend. Norwalk though is 1-8. I think Columbian, even with some backups, will find a way to pull this one out and secure a home game in the postseason. 


Hopewell-Loudon vs Gibsonburg - Second biggest game of the night in the area behind LB and McComb. Two teams that have been really good all season that each have one loss. Hopewell-Loudon lost to a division three team with only a few days to prepare. Gibsonburg lost after Lakota got a two point conversion late to take that win. I think Hopewell-Loudon gets the win in this one.


Findlay vs Lima Senior - Findlay has been rolling over the last month or so. I don’t see that changing tonight against Lima Senior. 


Northwood vs Cardinal Stritch - Man, when it rains it pours for the Rangers. They lost to Ottawa Hills for just the third time since they’ve been in the TAAC. They’ve only lost to Stritch once and that was back in 2006 when that Stritch team had a couple division one players on it. I think the Cardinals take the Big Apple Deli Trophy for the first time since 2006 tonight.


Hardin Northern vs Waynsfield-Goshen  - 7-2 Tigers vs the 6-3 Polar Bears. They are very similar teams though. They’ve both lost to Lima Perry and USV. I’ll go with the Polar Bears, but this game really is a coin flip. 

McComb vs Liberty-Benton - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling tonight. Hear all the action with Matt Cotman and I on Classic Hits 96-7 right here.

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Nine - 2021

I finally had a perfect week of picks!


It might have helped some of those picks that had games moved to Saturday because of all the terrible weather in Northwest Ohio on Friday night, but a win is a win is a win, right?


No time to bask in perfection for too long. It’s time for the picks for week nine!


My record so far through eight weeks is now 77-18 after going 12-0 in week eight.


Liberty-Benton vs Arcadia - Arcadia won big last week over Vanlue, but LB is basically the polar opposite of Vanlue in terms of the BVC. I have LB winning big.


Vanlue vs Cory-Rawson - Postponed to 10/29


North Baltimore vs McComb - McComb, again, could score 100 points in this one if they wanted to. I think the Panthers win this one big.


Pandora-Gilboa vs Riverdale - PG actually played LB really tough last week. Riverdale wasn’t as fortunate last week vs Arlington. I have the Rockets winning this one big.


Eastwood vs Fostoria - Postponed due to covid issues within the Fostoria program.

Elmwood vs Genoa - Elmwood has been a really good football team as of late. It doesn’t look like they handled the weather issues last week very well even though they still pulled it out against Lake. Genoa has played pretty good football this year, but Elmwood is having a special season. I will go with Elmwood to win this one.


Wynford vs Carey - Carey is absolutely rolling right now, and Wynford doesn’t have enough to stop them. Give me the Blue Devils in this one. 


Buckeye Central vs Mohawk - Buckeye Central hasn’t scored in their last two games. They will probably score in this one, but Mohawk is going to score more.


Perkins vs Columbian - TC has struggled the last two weeks in losses to Clyde and Bellevue. Jalen Santoro has got a good thing going at Perkins and he returns to the stadium he played at in college. I think it should be a good game, but I feel like Clyde wins this one.


Tiffin Calvert vs Hopewell-Loudon - Hopewell-Loudon continues to roll in spite of a few injuries. Calvert has had a better second half of the season. I think Hopewell-Loudon wins this one though.

Edon vs Lakota - Lakota is a pretty good team this year. They’re 6-2 with those losses coming to Hopewell-Loudon and Elmwood. Edon though is 7-1 with that lone loss coming by one point to Norwalk St. Paul. I have the Bombers winning this one.


Northwood vs Ottawa Hills - Ottawa Hills is 5-3 while Northwood is 3-3 due to missing a few games because of covid issues. Northwood has only lost to Ottawa Hills twice since joining the TAAC. I have the Rangers winning this one.


Findlay vs St. John’s - Findlay has been rolling of late with wins over Fremont Ross, St. Francis and Clay the last three weeks. I think they keep that going tonight against St. John’s.


Hardin Northern vs Ridgemont - Hardin Northern is coming off a big win against Crestline. Ridgemont sits at 1-6 with that win coming against Vanlue. I have the polar bears winning this one. 

Van Buren vs Arlington - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling tonight. Hear all the action with Matt Cotman and I on Classic Hits 96-7 right here.


Enjoy the games everyone!

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week 8 - 2021

Three points was all that separated me from a perfect week of my picks in week seven… 


But I cannot dwell on that for too long since week eight is here! Will tonight be the night I wear something besides a polo? It’s supposed to rain so I guess we’ll find out here soon.


My record so far through seven weeks is now 65-18 after going 10-1 in week seven.


Vanlue vs Arcadia - Arcadia made this their homecoming game for a reason. I have Arcadia big in this one. 


Riverdale vs Arlington - Riverdale struggled the last two weeks against McComb and Liberty-Benton. I don’t see it getting any easier tonight. I have the Red Devils winning it big.


Cory-Rawson vs McComb - McComb could score triple digits if they really wanted to. McComb by a lot.


North Baltimore vs Van Buren - A sneaky interesting matchup for this one. Van Buren is one of the weirder teams in the area. Aside from their two games in August they have either won or lost in shutout fashion. North Baltimore is 3-3 but very easily could be 4-2 if they had played a better overtime against Arcadia. I will take Van Buren in this one, but I don’t feel great about it. 


Fostoria vs Woodmore - Well, someone has to win this one, right? Fostoria is 0-6 and Woodmore is 0-5. Neither team played last week, and Woodmore hasn’t played since 9/17. Fostoria has been able to score more points this season than Woodmore has. The Wildcats have just six points in just five games. I didn’t think I would say it this year, but I will go with Fostoria.


Genoa vs Otsego - Genoa has played solid football the last few weeks. Otsego though has to be hungry after not getting a game last week. I have the Knights tonight.


Lake vs Elmwood - Lake has been successful this season against most of their opponents so far with ‘wood’ in their name (aside from Eastwood). Tonight luck will not be on their side. I have Elmwood winning this match up big. 


Carey vs Seneca East - Carey has been really dominant aside from their week one loss to Hopewell-Loudon. Seneca East has played well, but slipped up a few weeks ago against Mohawk. I think Carey wins this one in a comfortable fashion. 


Mohawk vs Bucyrus - Both teams come into this one 2-5. Mohawk though has put up a better fight in their losses. I’ll take the Warriors. 


Hopewell-Loudon vs Northwood - The scars of 10 years ago just came back for the first time in a while. My senior year, Hopewell-Loudon was the one team that kept our 2011 team from a perfect regular season. Last year this would’ve been a hell of a game. This year, Ashton Bour or not, I don’t think it will. Don’t hate me Ranger fans, but I have to take the Chieftains in this one. 


Buckeye Local vs Calvert - Neither team has been great this season. Calvert is 3-4 and Buckeye Local is 2-3. I’ll take Calvert in this one. They need this one heading into a game at Hopewell-Loudon next week. 


Findlay vs Clay - Findlay has started to find themselves the last few weeks with their wins over Fremont Ross and St. Francis. I think they take care of business tonight at Clay. 


Liberty-Benton vs Pandora-GIlboa - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling tonight. Hear all the action with Matt Cotman and I on Classic Hits 96-7 right here.

Lance's High School Football Picks - Week Seven - 2021

Getting ready for week seven of high school football. I still don’t get how the season goes by so quickly. Enjoy it while it’s here!


Let’s get into the picks for this week!


My record so far through six weeks is now 55-17 after going 8-4 in week six.


Arcadia vs Cory-Rawson - Two teams that have struggled this year. Arcadia has the advantage though in this one. I’ll go with Arcadia.


Riverdale vs Liberty-Benton - Liberty-Benton didn’t get to play a game last week. I think they take those frustrations out on Riverdale. Give me the Eagles big.


North Baltimore vs Vanlue - Similar to Arcadia and Cory-Rawson, neither team has been great so far this season. North Baltimore has more athletes both in terms of actual numbers and a handful of good skill guys. I gotta go with the tigers in this one.


Van Buren vs Pandora-Gilboa - Van Buren was unable to play last week. Pandora-Gilboa was able to get back on track following a tough loss to McComb. I think the Rockets prevail tonight.


Fostoria vs Otsego - Cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns within the Fostoria program.


Carey vs Upper Sandusky - A big rivalry game. Upper has looked better than they have the last few years, but this is a really good Carey team. I’ll take the blue devils over the rams.


Mohawk vs Colonel Crawford - Mohawk surprised some people (including me) in their win last week against Seneca East. Colonel Crawford on the other hand has rolled in their games this year aside from when they played Carey. I will take the eagles over the warriors.


Clyde vs Columbian - Another good matchup between these two schools. Each has had postseason success as of late. Columbian made it to the final four in 2020, and Clyde won it all in 2019. Each team comes in at 4-2. I’ll take TC, but I think this is gonna be a close one.


Calvert vs Lucas - Calvert has looked better the last few weeks, but Lucas is a top team in division seven. I have to go with the cubs in this matchup.


Fremont St. Joe’s vs Hopewell-Loudon - Hopewell-Loudon may have lost last week but it was to a division three team with about 48 hours to prep. I think they show up in a big way against Fremont St. Joe’s. I’ll take the Chieftains big.


Northwood vs Montpelier - Northwood got back on track last week against Hilltop. Montpelier is 0-4 and the most points they’ve scored in a game this year is 12. I have the rangers winning this one big.


St. Francis vs Findlay - This game just goes to show that not all first year head coaches are created equal. You have Stefan Adams for Findlay who has been a head coach at a couple places already in his young coaching career. On the other side you have a former NFL QB in Bruce Gradkowski for St. Francis. Two similar teams at 3-3. Both have some skill guys that excel in the open space. I have Findlay winning a close one.

Arlington vs McComb - I won’t pick this one since it’s the game I will be calling tonight. Hear all the action with Matt Cotman and I on Classic Hits 96-7 right here.


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