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Matt Cotman

“For as long as I can remember, I have known three truths in life: 1. My love of sports in all its forms is unending 2. Tacos are life 3. Hard work and dedication should be the foundation of everything we do in life and 4. I am bad at math.
I got my start broadcasting after competing an incredible 11-year football career in the quaint cozy town of Tiffin, Ohio. My roommate was convinced I was incapable of shutting up, so he suggested I do a show at Heidelberg’s radio station once a week, and the rest is history. From sideline reporter, all the way to Sports Director, I moved up the ranks throughout my college career and discovered not just a love for broadcasting, but a love for Northwestern Ohio as a whole. Once I graduated, I was working weekends on Gridiron One, and weekdays as a call producer on WTAM 1100 in Cleveland on The Bob Frantz Show. Since then, I have received paychecks from Sporting News, Yahoo, and now finally ESPN all while staying at the same radio station! I can tell you stories from all the seasons I have been working here at Tri-County Broadcasting, from seeing McComb become state champions with a legendary team of players, to St. Wendelin giving up 40 points in a single quarter against Sandusky St. Mary. What I love most about being here, however, is the fans and the players. Having the interactions with fans during pre-games, seeing these young athletes hone their skills over the years and become incredible young adults is easily my favorite part of the job (ok sappy stuff over!!)
I live in Cleveland, born and raised, and have been a lifelong fan of all Cleveland teams, even the Browns back when they were terrible! I also throw my hat behind teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NOT a bandwagon fan and have plenty of proof to back that up!), The Vikings, The Titans, The Jaguars…. Really every team besides Pittsburgh and Baltimore (they know what they did…)
As for my interests? I am a colossal nerd! I love sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, I’m a major Comic book geek for the books and the movies (Marvel all the way and Deadpool fan for life), my favorite place on earth is the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and when I’m not doing broadcasts I can be found elbow-deep in computers and networks as a cybersecurity specialist. So clearly, I’m a major geek.
I am sure I’m running out of space, so I’ll leave this bio with the obligatory “follow me on Twitter!” if you found any of this funny, but also want to remind each and every one of you that read this that you’re here for a reason. I call it doing the Lord’s Work. We’re all here for a specific reason and purpose, I think mine is talking into a microphone and entertaining you all with bad jokes and sports knowledge, and I hope that each of you can find out what your purpose is so you can also do the Lord’s Work too….

…….. but seriously follow me on twitter….


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