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Join retired State of Ohio Wildlife Officer Jim Duggan as he touches on topical news, events and reports about everything concerning the great Ohio outdoors. From fishing to camping, hunting to boating, as well as conservation, safety and tips, Jim leaves no stone unturned in this daily 5 minute program. 



Monday - Friday 9:25a & 5:25p


Stay up-to-date with everything going on around the conference with the Big Ten Today. Hosted by veteran Sports Journalist Bill Pollock, in collaboration with experienced sports broadcasters with unparalleled access to Big10 athletic programs, each Big10 Today report brings you highlights from the big games, breaking news, stats, and human interest stories from all across the conference. 








On-Air Schedule
5/25/17 5:37 Cincinnati Reds @ Cleveland Indians 
5/25/17 8:15 Eastern Conference Finals Game Five: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics 
5/26/17 6:37 Kansas City Royals @ Cleveland Indians 
5/27/17 2:07 Tribe Talk
5/27/17 3:37 Kansas City Royals  @ Cleveland Indians 
5/28/17 12:37 Kansas City Royals  @ Cleveland Indians 
5/28/17 5:35 Scranton/ WB Railraiders @ Toledo Mud Hens 
5/29/17 3:37 Oakland A's @ Cleveland Indians 
5/30/17 5:37 Oakland A's @ Cleveland Indians 
5/31/17 12:07 Cincinnati Reds @ Toronto Blue Jays 
5/31/17 5:37 Oakland A's @ Cleveland Indians 


Schedule during non-sporting events...




Cleveland Indians 


Toronto Raptors


Tampa Bay Rays @


Oakland A's @


Eastern Conference Finals Game One Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston/Washington



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