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The Waterboy's Diary - By Bart Wilson

Cincinnati Reds

Dear Diary,


It’s been 5 days since our 12-game winning streak was busted. Since then, we’ve lost 4 straight games in a row. I mean it was bound to happen at some point, but we did manage to tie for the second-best winning streak in franchise history. The only other times that happened were in 1939 and 1957.


There are a lot of positives that can be taken away from the winning streak. Rookie Elly De La Cruz really broke out of his shell. He currently has a batting average of .315 and three home runs this season. Also, getting Joey Votto back in the lineup has been a game changer. Votto has only been back for six games and has already hit 3 home runs and has a batting average of .278. Other players stepping up their game are Jonathan India recording 79 hits, Spencer Steer with 12 home runs, and Jake Fraley who’s tied for 21st in the league with 47 RBI’s. Fraley has also hit 11 home runs this season for the Reds.


Even though the streak may be over there are a lot of good things that have come out of it. It will be interesting to see where we place for the first half of the season. If we can string together a couple more wins, we could potentially get past the Brewers in the NL Central to get that first place slot. That means I need to be on my A-game when hydrating these guys as the weather gets even warmer.


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