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Farmer transparency builds confidence in food system

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A central Iowa farmer says producer transparency builds confidence in the food production system.

Mark Jackson of Rose Hill is a past president of the Iowa Soybean Association and tells Brownfield he helped develop a project with Hellman’s Mayonnaise that opened some eyes.

“Unilever came forward with the effort of sustainability; I thought they had concern that we (soybean farmers) weren’t sustainable.  We sat down with our directive, aligned it with theirs, and surprisingly they realized that the American farmer-and in this case the Iowa soybean farmer-was very sustainable.”

Jackson says sustainability to him stands on three pillars: environmental, social and economic.

With debates over food labeling, he tells Brownfield it’s more important than ever for farmers to talk about how they produce food.

Brownfield spoke to Jackson at Commodity Classic in New Orleans.





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