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The Waterboy's Diary - By Bart Wilson

NBA Finals

Dear Diary,


The team finally pulled out a victory last night and now move on to play the Nuggets for a chance to win another championship for the 305. Boston was a worthy opponent, but to think that they would come back being down 3-0 was wishful thinking. I had to increase my liquid intake from the amount of sweat I accumulated during their comeback.


Now that the series is over, I feel like I can breathe for a little bit, but it won’t be for long. Once it hits June 1st, we’re off to the races again with the Denver Nuggets who swept their Western Conference Finals opponent. They have been foaming at the mouth to get the series started especially with how Nikola Jokic has been playing in the post season. Jokic is averaging 29 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists per game this post season. Then add in Jamal Murray who’s averaging 27 points per game along with the rest of their starting lineup who are also averaging double digit points.


The 8th seeded Heat will have to be extremely physical in their defensive schemes by doubling up Jokic. On the offensive side of the ball Butler will need to collapse to the boards to draw a foul hopefully from Jokic. If the Heat can get Jokic into foul trouble they may have a chance, but if they repeat what they did during the Celtics series I don’t see a championship in Miami’s future. Plus, Tyler Herro will be out until Game 3 of the NBA Finals due to an injury.


Do we have a chance to win another championship? Sure, but if I was going to bet on this series, I would say Denver has the upper hand. Don’t tell anyone I said that at the facility, but the Heat do not have enough fire power to compete. I could see us pull out maybe one win, but other than that the Nuggets may have this one in the bag. I might need to find some of Michael Jordans “Secret Stuff” that helped the Looney Tunes beat the Monstars.


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