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The Waterboy's Diary - By Bart Wilson

LeBron James

Dear Diary,

The season has come to an end after last night’s last-ditch effort to keep the series alive against the Nuggets. LeBron put his all into this game finishing with 40 points, 9 assists, and 10 rebounds to get the series to a game 5. Now that the season is over, will LeBron finally call it quits.

James has been in the league for 20 seasons starting back in 2003 when he was selected number one overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He spent seven seasons with the Cavaliers and during that time the team would make it to several Eastern Conference Finals and one NBA Finals appearance. After his time in Cleveland, James moved on to the Miami Heat, making it to the finals four years in a row and would win two championships. Then it was back to Cleveland in 2014 and two years later James would hoist the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy beating the Golden State Warriors after being down 3-1 in the series. James spent a couple more seasons with the Cavaliers and then went to the Los Angeles Lakers. Once again James would find success and win another championship in 2020.

From 2003 to now James has also been a four-time Finals MVP, thirteen-time All-NBA 1st Team, five-time All-Defensive 1st Team, All Rookie 1st Team, three-time All-Star MVP, four-time MVP, and Rookie of the Year. On top of that James became the all-time leading scorer in NBA history accumulating 38,652 points and fourth for assists with 10,420. The impact he has had in the NBA has been legendary.

Whatever James decides to do is within the best interest of his health and well-being. Not a lot of players can stay in the league for 20 seasons and be able to perform the way he does day in and day out. All I know is that he has cemented himself onto the Mount Rushmore of NBA legends. It was an honor and privilege to be his waterboy through the good times and bad times. I want to wish him well with whatever decision he makes for the future.


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