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Teaching the science of agriculture

Mike EverettAgriculture needs future scientists and ag science fairs are serving as the stepping stones to recruit students.

Mike Everett with Michigan State University tells Brownfield the Arthur Berkey Ag, Food and Natural Resources Science Fair has doubled in size almost every year since it began in 2007.  “The program is going to continue to grow in size, I’m not sure we will have the capacity to be able to double it again over the next couple of years, but we’re sure going to give it a go.”

He says the ag science fair is not strictly an FFA event, but FFA members are using it for their Supervised Agricultural Experience.  “We profess our programs as being agriscience programs throughout the state, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is and teach the science of agriculture.”

Everett tells Brownfield students have even collaborated with university researchers for their projects.  “Projects can range from very simple soil fertility projects related to a specific plant to projects this year that utilize drones to enhance crop management.”  He says students can research a range of topics that span traditional agricultural sciences to social systems.

The Arthur Berkey Ag, Food and Natural Resources Science Fair takes place during the Michigan FFA State Convention.

AUDIO: Interview with Mike Everett

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